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Friday, 8 December 2017

Shafted In Time For Christmas.

What's Next To Give Away?

So, as expected, this ghastly and treacherous woman has capitulated to the drunkard and his pals. Just as we are forced to surrender to all things Islam, FGM, misogyny, abuse of young white children for the entertainment of savages and a culture that saturates its subordinated colonies in abject poverty, so the ability of the Establishment to shaft us goes on apace.

This Brexit "deal" is no such thing. A screen to shelter the corpses of murdered freedom and democracy. Now there is nothing left to give away, we can move on to watering down any semblance of leaving the power and horror of this dictatorship. Indeed, so abjectly subservient are our Lords and masters, we shall now end up far worse than ever before.

We shall be forced to kow tow to EUSSR diktat with but an empty chair at meetings where our fate and future is divied up by all and sundry, to take all that we have to feed the voracious greed of the Eurocrats and we shall be outside with an empty bowl begging for scraps. What a mess but at least no surprise to those of us of a cynical hatred for the shadowy cesspit of a swamp our Establishment inhabits. Loathsome, weak, pitiable surrender.

"Lest we forget" is now a joke. Millions dead in two world wars to get to this nightmare still to unfold. Shame on all our so called Establishment. History, as it always does, will condemn this betrayal. The condemnation will be bloody. Hopefully I shall be gone.


  1. I share your pain. Our politicos are a shameful disgrace.

  2. Don't be too downhearted OR. My theory is that when people around the world see that president Trumps ideas are working they're going to start wanting the same. Politicians who don't supply it will fall out of favour, politicians being the self serving lot they are, will gradually start to see what is best to keep them in power, they want votes.
    Trump doesn't get much favourable reportage in the press here, or there for that matter but for those who have been following it closely the last year has been more intriguing than any fiction. The next couple of months will bring some high level dismissals probably arrests and court cases ongoing for possibly years. On immigration,trade and corruption, Trumps anti globalist agenda will create waves that will eventually wash up on our shores.

  3. Cameron and sorros, no surprise is it really.

  4. Thank you for your comments, one and all. Anon, a prescient comment as you may well realise!