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Saturday, 30 December 2017

My Final Rant Of 2017.

Not That Pygmy Politician, Clegg But Andy Adonis.

Another misfit, sulking, self absorbed snowflake of a leftard. So he had a hard time as a kiddy. Get over it. His "remainer" credentials and peerage not sufficient to fill his emotional deficits or his capacious pockets. I'd love to know his well paid interests for behaving as a despotic member of the EUSSR greed gathering Establishment.

The very same Establishment unable to tel us the truth about anything that puts their ghastly inadequacies and failures into the spotlight. John Redwood has this secrecy highlighted here. I suspect Adonis like predecessors were of his ilk. Folk lucky in a political system which rewards academic achievement and confuses it with intelligence.

Adonis is everything that is despicable about these wealthy individuals wading through the immoral mountains of cash their undeserved political connections have deemed worthwhile. Where, however, is any value added to our blighted nation by Andy and his fellow travellers? The Kinnocks, Bliars and Mandlesons. That creep Alistair Campbell. 

What a self serving and cronyism tribe they all are. Their latest and possibly richest recruit another undeserving peerage for failure cretin, Heseltine. The whole slimy and evil cabal of "remainers" all tarnished by wealth at our expense and the suppression of ordinary folk. 

People relishing the overwhelming decay of overpopulation and their ignorant understanding of the filth their mass immigration and Federal Statehood is causing. All of them safe in their ghettos of publicly funded luxury and privilege. All served by slave labour and or cheap minimum wage spads. The latter there as sycophantic, paid "punkah wallahs". Usually deaf, as favoured in the past, to the outrageous air of superior entitlement over millions of those often more deserving but less lucky in the cards dealt.

Or, as also very possible, people of the "lower orders" not regarded as worthy of the nepotism acceptable to leftard occupiers of a hallowed moral superiority. One  they delusionally think give them a right to be "filthy rich" so long as the peasants are persuaded to vote for their brand of incompetent awfulness.

One faint hope we must cling to is that scruffy, wannabe, Che Guevara murdering revolutionary, Corbyn is found our before he gets to become a Pol Pot UK "Presindente". No doubt coroneted by the likes of bought and paid for remoaners such as that little man, Adonis.

Rant over, bring on a real Brexit and may 2018 herald the beginning of the end of the EUSSR.  Have a happy, no longer shackled to the 4th Reich, New Year!

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