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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

I So Love Irony

God Bless The DUP.

The drunken moron rich on our stupidity in paying for his sinecure, gives us a perfect starting point to question the sanity, professional incompetence and idiocy of the EUSSR hierarchy. On the point of irony he gives us a less characterful version of a tiddly Brezhnev late of the USSR. So on the theme of  irony, Junker leads me on to the Brexit mind numbing saga.

Day in day out for nigh on 18 months post the historic victory for that rarest of modern day Western politics, common sense, the stunned Establishment via their lickspittle, tame media have welcomed every nuance and delay tactic used to thwart democracy. Not least the disgusting meddling in the general election designed to weaken fatally the Tory leave rhetoric.

Following that election the Cary Grant of Labour's Trotsky poster boy, Corbyn, suave, elegant highly intelligent and intellectually supreme achievements was whisked off to Brussels to kneel at the altar of that dictatorship. One, hitherto, totally dominated by Germany. Given Corbyn and his Labour Party's love affair with Islamists and anti semitic leanings, probably that German dominance and its Nazi socialist history is a joy to embrace.

So here we are. A Parliament hell bent on overturning the referendum result. A once anti EUSSR figure, Corbyn, with the whiff of power in his nostrils, chucks over board into the cesspool they all float or sink in, his lifelong disregard of that ghastly, led by a sot, EU now tossed into the mire. That in itself ironic.

However all the machinations and love ins, very much welcomed by May, a puppet happily letting her strings be pulled, regardless of any outcome, providing she gets to replicate the devious and secretive manner of Heath and consign us to slavery within an all but a pretend Brexit, are as nought as the DUP digs in against all of the cretinous EU figures. Those Including the Heseltine, Clarke quislings promoting their paymasters or selfish agenda. Plus the majority of MPs serving, as ever, their self interest of many thousands of pounds before the democratic wish of their electorates.

So here's the irony. A Party of Christian, right wing, staunch defenders of  Conservative and conservative values, is holding out against the godless, drunk led, Islamic favouring, leftard pretending, American deep State, would be rulers of the world. As ironic as the failed, venomous attacks on the peoples' choice for President of the USA. For all his faults, a guy doing better in barely one year than anybody else since 9/11/. 

Who knows what's round the corner. However, with the EUSSR falling apart, peace descending over Syria and the global power of corporate, gangster, banking led, Middle East meddling failure of decades, Ukraine further from Western influence than since the USSSR break up and Hungary and Poland railing against the EU diktat for mass immigration, Christmas looks good. Imagine that. Two Christmases in a row the political elite on the back foot.

There we were, Adam Boulton salivating at the gift of billions to his friends in the EUSSR Cabal. His brief to underpin hour after hour, Sky's iffy deal to dominate EU airwaves. No doubt plenty of brown envelopes and a pro EUSSR propaganda blitz part of this enormous package. That and a lifetime's supply of tipples of choice to Junker. 

So, again, some irony that the mosquito, in the form of the DUP, in the minds of the bloated Common Purpose, is potentially a life threatening malaria carrier ripe to suck on the blood of that corpulent body of the arrogant powerful. Unless, as is possible, the mosquito gets offered an easier feast or worse still, the old Irish enmity of centuries gets resurrected to wage war on the DUP. 

That threat was ably demonstrated when that total face of evil and twisted vowels, Adams, was trotted out. This is a weapon already primed to use. Any fool who believes this isn't in the EUSSR's armoury is either stupid or bigoted or self interested. No doubt Heseltine would welcome any assistance to protect his millions. 

So the irony goes on apace. Brexit presently supported in its democratic entirety by the DUP, the Establishment now quietly, so far, courting Sinn Fein, the political arm of the IRA, no less, in order to add another, potentially bloody, weapon to thwart democracy. However, as I mentioned earlier, right now we "Leavers" are in for a better Christmas than the EUSSR heathens! For the second year running. Long may it last.

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