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Thursday, 21 December 2017

A Roundup.

Is This Now The Time? 

I must begin this post with an apology for recent absence. With the ever accelerating decline in our Western societies, the UK the vanguard of abject stupidity, the socialist forelock tugging genuflection to all things non white. The traditional and Christian values totally vilified and trodden underfoot, I have found my faint cry of protest and tiny efforts to warn of the consequences, no longer therapeutic. I am in no way defeated.

I am, however, tired and sad at the total and complete acceptance by generations of snowflakes herded into their cages made of mobile phones and weaponised ignorance. Even worse is the paucity of political leadership and weak, pathetic worship of the most cretinous Labour party hierarchy ever seen in my lifetime.

We are now witnessing the catastrophic consequences of decades of post war Common Purpose. A corporate entity and vehicle of subtle oppression. Intellectual and therefore likely moralistic factions have slowly been bought. Then their comfortable but hypocritical enjoyment of the good things in life have been exploited to force a dumbing down of their once noble teaching and educational prowess. This Orwellian speak tells us all we need to know of the total loss of genuine and considered debate. Add the terrible decline in standards throughout our society, from engineering to politics and you see a pattern of deliberate and forced dumbing down.

As for a glaring example of our now renowned incompetence, consider that we cannot produce a £32 billion  warship that doesn't leak. Any adversary could aim a water cannon at it and it would topple over. Still, we would at least not lose any aircraft since it carries none. My point is made, though. We really have become useless.

Consider the legion of issues that day after day are paraded by a disgustingly puerile media. All neatly designed to depress us and promote a wonderful new, Utopian dawn if only we voted socialist and for a Corbyn government. How bad is that? All that does is accelerate, Pol Pot like, the destruction of all possible personalities and intellects able to challenge the slaughter necessary to rule over the masses.

Destruction of self reliance, ambition and achievement, other than that kept in house by the incestuousness of despotic nepotism. Nearly always, in our failing society, the preserve of socialist hypocrisy. Corbyn following the likes of the Kinnock, Bliar, Straw, Prescott and so many left unsung but just as guilty at whatever level of station. Wedgewood-Benn rich as Croesus but oh so politically correct in hiding his family beneficence to each other.

If we expand these observations further, let us consider the Islamification of the UK and Europe. Or even the whole Planet. Only today another "massacre of innocents" this time in Melbourne. To rub salt into our bleeding wounds of despair, "police are searching for a motive". Could have a look here, could they not?

So where is this discord all leading? Is it a small voice declaring failure and submission? No, it's a tiny and ageing realisation no one listens anymore. Don't care less. Millions in the UK alone, content to drift through their early lives with no thought for their own old age, let alone future generations. Glued to mobile phones agog with the cornucopia of the virtual pleasures on offer. So what that these pretend fantasies are not real or worked for. There's always drugs to take if reality threatens misery and discomfort.

So as I manage to still embrace life, enjoy my hard won comforts and joys, albeit whilst aghast at the loss to others the ability to have lives of achievement, decency and improvement. In turn all benefiting others via my taxes and efforts, my energies have all come to nought. Indeed just the same as my small blog effort.

Now blogging has always been until just recently,  therapeutic and letting of steam. However so ridiculous and dreadful is the state of western governance, the biased conceited arrogance of total hypocrisy, embraced at the shrine of the "we are all equal", nonsensical, glaringly false dogma socialist and their ilk worship, I now find writing about it all depressing, not interesting or of any value.

By retiring I have no further need to immerse myself in the mire. I shall content myself to smile in the knowledge I've tried to make a tiny impact. I know there remains millions still able to comprehend the mess minority bias against democratic will leads, is leading and has lead. That so many, including 17,410,742 brexit voters feel as I do makes little difference. The deep state of the establishment procrastinating and meddling to force an election in order to stop our leaving the EUSSR is plain to see. It will not be allowed to happen.

That depressing thought may not come to pass if the EU eats itself. That could be a joy to behold. Indeed our nations are doing that through mass immigration anyway. However, I do refuse to be completely negative. 

A New World order may come to pass. Trump might get a second turn and join with Putin to drive the decline to a slower pace or even reverse it. However, for the foreseeable future I intend to take a break. How long? Maybe forever. I will still have a better life than many and one earnt. For all like minded people, well done, we have earnt our Christmases and I wish all decent, sensible reasonable and Christian minded a very happy Christmas and a deserved prosperous New year.


  1. I believe I sometimes feel the same despair and frustration that you do, but we CAN make a difference. Educate our children and grandchildren, teach them how to think for themselves and not blindly follow the herd. It seems to be an uphill struggle, but I am sure that we will win. Keep on buggering on....

  2. OR,

    Seasons Greetings. I must point our that the white elephant cost £3 billion and most vessels "leak" on sea trials, that's what they are for. You don't find these things till the thing is burning and turning. The news was probably given by some disgruntled docky or a know nothing trainee skimmer. The crew probably produce that much urine an hour ;-)

  3. Thank you, Juliet. Your words give much food for thought. Anon, likewise compliments of the season. I'm sorry my usual scepticism was not tempered with the caveat of so much fake and ignorant media reporting!

  4. I know you must be grinding your teeth down to stumps at all the c**p and insanity being heaped on us by the vipers tasked with looking after our interests.
    But please don't bin your blog. Take a break. Enjoy Christmas and the New Year – then get back to booting some deserving backsides.
    Best festive wishes

  5. I know exactly how you feel OR, haven't closely followed politics here for over a year. As I've said previously threw the TV out 5 or 6 years ago and now can't even bear to listen to the disgusting BBC on the radio. Give yourself a break from the mind warping marxists and the lying MSM. I recommend a few months following the articles of Sundance on The Conservative Tree House, get the true facts of how Globalism is being put down, global warming being scoffed at and the UN about to be given short shrift. You'll have missed all the drama of this last year but the best bits are yet to happen in the next months, very gripping stuff.
    Take it easy.

  6. Here's one topic starting to simmer.........

  7. Wonderful and constructive comments and advice. RAC, I've linked to your brilliant find via twitter. You're right, makes me willing to carry on in the future but I will take a break from daily posts for awhile. Thank you all so very much.