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Thursday, 30 November 2017

The Western Censorship Dilemma.

You Will Only Listen To And Accept What You Are Told.

The ridiculous anti Russian mantra now being forced on the West's dumbed down and manipulated population is now beyond hysteria and a joke of some proportions for those with an open and questioning mind. For example, Obummer loathed Putin's superior intellect and his anti Muslim extremism credentials. Yet Putin did not ever stand up and pronounce to the British people "do as you're fu**ing told".

Now that was intervention on a grand scale. Did "Russia Today" ever do that? Had Vladimir The Smart ever stood up and spoke this way? Did Vlad urge the Brits to "stick with the mighty Fourth Reich or say the opposite? Nope, he did not. What we do get with is to "question more" should we choose to watch and impartially listen to other points of view.

Now "Russia Today" is under the cosh of the American, ergo Western, Deep State enmity. It has become so ridiculous. So far we can still choose to watch or visit. Of many, many stupid remarks, however, the addled May actually said that Crimea was annexed by Russia. Nothing to do with the West's destabilising nastiness to grab Ukraine for itself, was it? This report also uses the word annexed, but as you read it you realise the mood of its people is definitely towards Russia.

This paper explains a great deal of the history. One notable fact is of a population some 75% to 25% Russian to Ukrainian ethnicity. So in any referendum one might expect a dominant vote leaning towards Russian interest. However facts getting in the way of Western propaganda are no longer permitted.

As with the illegal presence of US troops in Syria, facts are irrelevant to the wealth and power of arms dealers. Or the occupation of some 50% of Syria's oil fields. Wealth needed now to rebuild that shattered Country ravaged by the evil coalition of terrorists and their shadowy American backers. Take your pick of the search.

Now moving away from this particular issue. Looka= at our media bias against white races and Christianity. Is this not a disgusting example? Right up there with the decades of quiet acceptance, in the main, of sexual exploitation of young white girls and grooming. Depravity beyond comprehension but little done to address it. Too many votes at stake to date.

So, anyone prepared to consider the state of modern western society, few bright enough to do so of course but those who are looking for a second viewpoint than the one promoted, would do well to seek our "Russia Today". Unlike our own media minnows and ignorant auto-cue readers, you get examples to put alongside news story items to support, in many cases, the facts presented. You, not the media hacks, get to form your own opinion. That's why our masters hate them with a passion.

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