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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The Actual Stitch Up Discussions.

How We Were Done Over.

Much of the remain whingeing is of that above. Self interest and insider dealing to protect a sense of self entitled greed so many garner. Not least the Civil Service mandarins, for whom the power and career opportunities surpass most bankers and corporate business interests.

A kind reader of this blog, albeit anonymous, pointed me to a 1971 text of typical aloof and dispassionate arrogance. An FCO document discussing casually what we as a Nation would be happily handing over to the then "Common market". It's a difficult but revealing paper.

In it I note the total separation of the author from and disassociation from, any sense of National pride and anxiety as to its loss. Those areas in which we were to lose so much self administration hugely detrimental to the ordinary, dare I say subsequent victims, of the attitude and gifted power to be, as it turned out,  exponentially sacrificed.

It makes me feel that, rather than paying billions for this dreadful betrayal, we should receive compensation and the return of any substantial pensions these traitors involved and their families benefited  from this ghastly outcome.

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