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Thursday, 9 November 2017


High Drama Only For The Fools In The Play Itself.

The quite ridiculous BBC claimed that Parliament was in the throes of high drama. Well, for those of us with real lives to get on with the only drama is the total shambles our political class are now in. What Patel, a once slim and attractive MP, is doing getting somewhat out of shape we'll never know. Other than the luxury life style the upper echelons of Government Offices partake.

That we should ever know the real motives for her networking the Israelis, no chance. All we can be sure of is that for many decades we have been misled, led by the nose, duped and lied to in spades. This latest round of in fighting as to which cretinous bunch has the worst, most arrogant sex pests, that's an absolute tie.

I guess Corbyn and May just last Monday agreed to bring in the heavy drapes of secrecy and to jointly back off the slow but inevitable points scoring beloved of the leftard, in the main, media. How else would Prezza Junior's suspension from Corbyn's coterie not have been front page? 

Prescott's abuse of a junior and gullible staff member should have cost him his job but it didn't. Very Nero like but playing a tin whisle rather than a violin. Or should I say hiding a chipolata? Somewhat unsavoury rather than savoury.

Whatever, all they are good for in this modern day is light entertainment. Very, very amusing if it were not so awful to see the idiots hanging on, barely, to a semblance of government competence. If I was really paranoid I would think there is sabotage of our nation and Brexit desire afoot. Wouldn't I?

Gross, whatever, this bunch of useless and idiot class of fools. Including the Sir Humphrey glove puppet manipulators. Fitting they should have their fat fingers stuck under garments.

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