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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Hypocrites Sunday.

Holy, Holy Holier.

Sadly, just as with all the old political Parties, the Conservatives are no longer the Party of my earlier life. Too timid and weak over recent years to fail to address the Labour Party's successful mass, for votes, immigration and Islamic cultural subservience. That and a, the Tories, nervous attempt at balancing the books, whilst lavishing billions on overseas gifts to despots aid and lavish waste to bolster the EUSSR Federal ambition.

However the overwhelming media bias against the Tory Party is grossly unfair and plainly underwritten by some very unpleasant people. The same media serfs who blindly keep to a bare minimum the Nation wide rape and racist abuse of white, mainly girl, children. Yet the palpable salivation of excitement and breathless embrace of the present cause de jour of Parliamentary sleaze borders on criminal.

 The boorish knee touching and bumbling attempts to lip-smack a pretty young woman are, in the main, the immature, unintelligent fumblings of inadequates who, by pure good luck and little else, other than snide cunning, have dragged themselves into a brief sinecure of public awareness as political passersby.  

Yet in the one, so far, Labour ranks is a very dreadful criminal offense matter of a rape allegation, allied to the perverting of the course of justice by Party hierarchy and Corbyn himself, in all probability. As in my post heading, Sunday hypocrites but also potentially criminals. Let's try and put this horror into deep context.

The alleged perpetrator is, as yet, an unnamed senior Labour Party figure. The accuser a 19 year old young woman at the time. Labour Party to "investigate" allegation". So that's all right then. A brief huddle together to decide how to mitigate the scandalous crime. You know, a young woman attacked, violated in a horrific show of arrogant force and abuse of position and her life scarred for ever by a creep not fit to grace a sewer. No need for any police involvement. Use the same tactics we use to keep a lid on places like Rotherham. 

Excuse me. This is quietly linked together with the aforesaid, rather sad approaches made elsewhere.  As much as, probably, irritating harassment by immature males, of which, unlike rapists, there are millions of them, hardly warrants a mention in the same breath as criminal rape assault. SKY, the BBC, ITV et al on TV "news"  constantly parading the schoolboys of the Tories ahead of a "Oh and by the way a violent, criminal oaf from Labour's upper echelon ravaged a 19 year old, it is said. Move on, back to the knee touching, quick".

In this attitude, "The Sunday Times" is now weighing in with "porn" viewing allegations. Strewth, 85% of the UK's male population at risk of accusation here, I suspect. Yet again the quieter and non condemnatory lack of disgust over the rape allegation is left to one side. A senior Police Officer behind the porn claim. Yeah, like many behind the child grooming, abuse and rape scandals of the past 20 years.

As for the pathetic "we have to change" drum and tub thumping, please. Remember the expenses scandal debacle. Guess what, they're still at it, just rather more circumspect and cunning. They even engineered a huge pay rise towards their debauched life styles and flats for dubious liaisons, no doubt. Probably still have favourite mansions they like to use, too. I wonder if Tracey, (how very Prescott), got to play croquet at Dorneywood"?  Whoops, seems she may well have, according to this gentle piece on Prezza's sexual prowess. Chippalato man I believe he became known as!

Certainly, in the rather gross daily activities of these cretinous, unfit for Office morons we have steadily had to struggle ever harder to find any honourable members, male or female. However, as funny and stupid as many are, the violence that drives a man to rape is definitely, absolutely, different.

If proven and it's very, very hard to do, it is a criminal, violent and gross brutality, inflicting male physical superiority on usually young and quite often vulnerable women. It is now more often described by the complicit media as "assault". Rape is so much more than that. It is a crime, not recognised in the Islamic culture, arguably close in horror to murder. 

That the Labour Party is "investigating" and the Police not publicly claiming that right, is just exacerbating and highlighting the depth of collusion between the Establishment and their Police Force in such whitewashing and careless flippancy, as evidenced in the sacrifice of many thousands of children to this crime. Hillsborough was bad, is this not worse? In scale, at least.

As for that sh*t phrase "lessons must be learned" that will soon do the tired, worn rounds. OK, so why didn't these two episodes of Estabishment grossness provide any templates for behaviour in Public Office? Or Prescott's tax payer funded trysts with Trace? 

We need change so much. Perhaps the squeaky clean, scandal free embezzlement culture of the EUSSR is the answer? Come on remainers, tell us all this homespun stuff is because of Brexit. That there is ne'er a whiff of any of this in Brussels. Every sexual encounter their is consensual. Whiter than white where our dosh is concerned!

What a mess. To think we vote for this lot. Surely there's a better way? Well, just maybe. A faint hope, perhaps the last.

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