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Monday, 20 November 2017


An Interesting Consideration.

This feature goes back to 1957. It claims 1957 to have been the happiest UK population of any year in the 20th century. Debatable but a ring of truth in the claim. There was a degree of morality which aided young people to be aspirational. 

Class mobility was a prominent issue alongside good manners, respect for others and an education system unfettered by political meddling and ridiculous political correctness. There are endless factors to compare this age with the present. Many a consequence of failed political leadership. Initially all of it of the left and Labour Party.

Trade Unions were beginning to become the bullies they were to become throughout the following decades. Their hatred for all of the things which had made so many people happy with their lot and, horror of horrors, vote for a Conservative way of life was to be bludgeoned to the ground by any means, fair or foul. Usually foul.

However the one glaring, single factor which has destroyed our ability to prosper and as a Nation, be happy, is overcrowding. The population of the 1950s was circa 50 million. Not only that it was predominantly indigenous and white in its make up. Crime was naturally far less, opportunities for success far higher and a quiet pride in our heritage and society was tangible.

Today we are regaled by 24 hour media drivel promoting the idea that the Establishment can only ever know best, the population just slaves to exploit, abuse and mock. The mantra of how terrible our Nation now is, is almost shouted from the rooftops like Islamic calls to prayer. Orders and demands to be met on pain of consequence.

I am fortunate to have been able to play a role in making my own life a happy one. I'm married to my best friend and now share a life in a lovely home and a retirement of much good fortune. Yet, unlike the hordes of wingeing younger people, so many stirred up by the hypocrisy, lies and manipulation of the political classes, as ever, Labour to the fore, I have a deep sense of gratitude to the society I grew up in through the 1950s and early sixties.

I watched briefly a black, badly spoken young woman on the topic of "happiness" today. She, heaven help us, was said to be a top dog in the NUS. Metal studs on her face, overweight and a dreadful indictment of what we have now paraded as the face of modern youth. Bitter, demanding and selfishly deluded as to how the world owes her a living.

I have nieces and nephews by marriage and have first hand experience of their attitude to life. Zero aspiration, cash seemingly to burn and a hedonistic lifestyle destined for misery and poverty in older years. Their mother, some almost 23 years younger than myself, totally unaware of her offspring's abject lack of any awareness that age will for sure weary them. Indeed much as it is doing to she. 

Probably her generation among the first to begin to take and never give, from or to life. Self the only real core of any action, emotion or experience. A person blessed with a wealthy parentage but incapable of appreciating their sacrifices on her behalf. All the time expecting riches to fall at her feet from above but incapable of managing any sense of deserving of or earning any such bounty.

So, happiness. My Mrs OR always prefers the word contentment. She feels that happiness is often fleeting and of the moment. In many ways she is right. However such contentment cannot be found in dirty, overcrowded and unmanageable towns and cities. Indeed the political class is now clamouring to destroy our remaining green and declining landscapes for ever larger concrete ghettos. 

Not once considering the burden the pollution exponential demand brings with it. Those golden years spoken of will and can never return. Not least because the very essence of the factors which made them has been abandoned via greed and globalism and the destruction of a human spirit once so deeply embedded in our Nation of yesteryear. 

All I can say is the future ahead looks dire. Only those now so indifferent to what's been done all around them can be held to blame. Certainly not my generation, now vilified as racists and nationalists to be got rid of. As that idiot Clegg has said we are all going to die off soon. Well, that will be a blessing to not have to see the cess pit of western culture he and his generation are creating!

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