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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Can We Get Even More Deranged And Stupid?

Probably Yes But Hard To Believe.

Looking rather more mutton than lamb, The PM spouted forth utter rubbish in an attempt to pacify the critics of her inadequacies and curry favour with arms dealers to probably fund her survival. In or out of Office. Whatever her motives her diversionary attack on Putin and Russia is hardly statesman like.

Putin has brought a victory of the democratically, legal but unacceptable to the West, regime and government in Syria. It has made alliances that are sour to the biggest arms dealers to the West's rapacious appetite for arms dealing and manufacture. He did have a good and sensible relationship with the West but Ayatollah Baz Obama wasn't happy at seeing his favoured Wahabi tribes marginalised and stooped low to grasp the poison chalice of Saudi acceptance.

That now Putin is supping though, no doubt, with a longer spoon than the American Deep State and arms dealers, has come as a nasty shock to he UK branch of the Washington Mafia and their weapons contractors. So our Tess probably sees an opportunity to move out of the spotlights and red dots aimed at her failing tenure. 

That any Western politician has the gall to accuse Russia of "fake news" whilst the might of their own tame propaganda media does nothing but is shameful nastiness. This dreadful and deceitful stance by the all powerful Commissars of Washington and Whitehall and their glove puppet political front MP pygmies beggars belief. Their snotty aloofness and solid belief in their already filthy morality is gross.

Let us look at this report from an unusually critical BBC. Surely the silly woman spouting off, in her comfortable and expensive teenage clothes, knows of this scandal? If not it's just another display of incompetence now endemic throughout our ghastly political system. Whatever, thousand of trained, armed and barbaric forces have been let loose onto the now easily traversed migration corridors already worn by expeditionary forces before them.

Not only that, they will be armed to the teeth with modern weaponry supplied by our masters and their crooked facilitators. Their I-phones likely next years must have, 2K a pop, 5G communication ready luxury mobiles, as much state of the art as their grenade launchers. 

Still, what's not to like in haranguing and blaming Russia and Putin for all this murderous chaos. Just like Killary Clinton, everyone to blame but herself. Gordon Brown Likewise as stupid. if we then consider that somehow an even more ridiculous and pathetic figure in Corbyn is supposedly the next in line in this circus of "Buggins's turn", Raqqa will rapidly become yet another sideshow as the nuclear firestorm destroys the human race and Mecca with it.

What's really awful is a tiny little voice and mind such as mine can see it coming but the erstwhile elite are clueless and blindly self delusional. What have we, in God's name, become?

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