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Sunday, 1 October 2017

The EUSSR Bares It's Fangs.

This Is What Brexit Is All About.

First they set up a storm trooper force and an army is not far behind. No doubt manned by non European races, most likely Turks and these types from the gross and evil scum of the Eastern, once collaborators of, Nazi thugs. Why? As I've said for many years, to suppress any hindrance to a dictatorship of German and Soros funded, American, global, capitalist imperialists. We in Europe are getting the, hopefully failed, treatment meted out to the Syrian People, when they rejected this imperialism and thuggery. The same nastiness that toppled Saddam and Gaddafi, not because of their murderous regimes but because they became an inconvenience to the planned New World Order.  

Now the full import of this push to destroy National, patriotic and defensive instinct, to preserve Christian based and beautiful, successful, FREE societies, is laid bare in Spain's Catalonia. Thus on top of the hordes of primitive, unwanted, undeserving and pretend "refugees" from the cess pits of their own making and warmongering terror, we now have a blatant, terrifying, quasi military gestapo, rear its brutal head in Spain.

Whingeing about our home grown political fools from every single Party in the UK is pure violin playing a la Nero's fiddling, foolish impotence, as Rome burned. Even Trump is looking ever more a convert to the top table of dictatorial brutishness. The Clinton types and Obama sycophants long part of the subjugation now brewing.

We laugh at the ridiculousness of Corby'n blind and stupid followers but already they are screaming and flying banners of hate and venom at millions of their own erstwhile fellow citizens. If not book burning, they'll be seizing and smashing the computers of all who hate this lurch into primitive, illogical and ignorant civil war. Smashing up or seizing the houses and property of their opponents. Aided and abetted by a smirking, arrogant superiority already to the fore in the autocratic Eurocrat, visage.

Just one lone, sensible voice in Anne Marie Waters has been silenced by an alliance of some God forsaken conspiracy, with Farage grinning with ghastly and gurning self satisfaction at this "success". Wait until he realises circa two thirds or more members will be quitting. As for Bolton. Give me strength. A LibDum deserter. A quisling. Not so mush as crossing the floor as slithering across it. A gross portent of the despair engulfing us all.

Words fail me as I watch some of these images and clips. What are we doing? Who the bloody hell is condoning this? Where's the fucking outcry from our political classes? There is none. All glued to this evil brutality as learning films and education as to what they will be expected to do ere long. The only thing which will delay this "war" on its own citizens is keeping Corbyn and Labour out of power. The rump of the once proud Conservative party will take longer to reach the point already arrived at in Spain.

Don't follow the following link if you love dogs. Are these "Muslim" police, thus happy to mete out their cruelty to animals? As if ISIS were not enough to fear. God help us all.

One final illustration of where we are in this dreadful "New" world. What next? Be-headings gleefully carried our as they chant ""Corbyn"? Not far from this image of hate, you know.

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