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Friday, 6 October 2017

The Crushing And Colossal Silence.

As The Earthquake In The Shift Of Power Unfolds.

The two images above reflect the deep, meaningful, informative, UK main media, stance over the Saudi's sudden and seemingly unexpected visit to Vlad in Moscow.                                                                                                                                            

I thought, to give the silence some balance, I'd pop in the quite amazing and identical political analysis from the C4 and ITV offerings. They are very quick to push the negative propaganda over Russia and President Vlad when required but this development, well the pics tell us all how we are not meant to have any discussion. The petty accusations that UK football supporters were to be attacked in Russia was quickly forgotten when everybody had a better time than back in crime ridden Liverpool and Manchester!

Notwithstanding that the sanctions and shooting themselves in the collective feet of the EUSSR and Deep State Corporate American gangsters, against Russia, has come to this alliance. Syria looks set for peace and the Saudis have realised their dictatorship will be better served by alliance with Russia. Even if it means an uneasy truce with Iran.

The potential future consequences on trade, oil price and supply are huge. As for the political climate, suddenly the West and its puppets are marginalised in the Middle East. Turkey is also in on this move, for sure. That Turkey now shrugs its shoulders on EUSSR membership is a good thing except for the costs already paid by Germany and ergo, Europe in courting that State.

I feel sad for the probable negative effect on a Kurdish desire for an independent State but that might yet be possible, as the likelihood of an EUSSR collapse looms ever more possible. Brexit may become unnecessary, too, now, if by 2019 the EU implodes under the weight of financial pressures.

It is all very unpredictable but hey, let's not talk about it and it might just go away! So what if billions and billions of Saudi dollars end up increasing the wealth and prosperity of the Russian people? Who cares if Western warplanes and weaponry are ditched in favour of Russian and Chinese production? 

I'm sure BAE systems will find alternative markets to replace the Saudi history of largess. Perhaps Libya or Iraq.(sic) Or maybe Iran. Surely they won't be influenced by Assad's Russian backed victories? Time will tell but one thing is certain, things have very much changed and Putin proven to be a Grand Master of political chess. Unlike our Foreign Office and their poor choices of "real politic" for their/our "friends". I did say Blondie Boris's anti Russian stance, never anti Saudi to date, was stupid, did I not?

In case you want to learn more, thank goodness for the internet for the time being. 

Have a great weekend.


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  2. All these discussions on Iraq will work out soon in my opinion as they all are doing their best to find the best solution to all the mess. Good luck to all of them.