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Monday, 30 October 2017

Sex, Drugs And Armageddon..........

Where Are The Political Apologies For The state We're In?

How was it for you, darling?

I am so very tired of the daily round of media salivation over the salacious but ever present, from the dawn of human and animal existence, natural and instinctive manner of human behaviour. We appear to now have reached a point in our world wherein we have an industry of "differences" to promote which totally ignores the dominant forces of our being.

Indeed we appear to be going backwards to a time when many young men felt that their sexuality and testosterone fuelled procreational lust was peculiar only to the male. Women were to be regarded as without such sensuality whilst the imagery of film and then television exploitation has become ever more blatant in the use of female "equality" in the field of lust and seduction.

Of course there are aspects of behaviour that are unacceptable but when you turn away from the old rules of "engagement", promote minority elements of the hormonal spectrum and parade such as badges of honour and pride, why is there such false and dishonest displays of shock at the ever deepening and often sordid decadence all around us?

Much of the blame for the ridiculous society we have become rests with the political Establishment and their now bankrupt stock of morality, culpability and lack of any preparedness to take responsibility for policies. Leftard dogma and support of all and any culture, if it produces votes. Mass immigration a burdensome curse that has splintered and broken our once promising infrastructure and potential national success for the majority.

Whilst battling with the housing, educational and NHS demands we also have the dreadful growth in crime. More millions of people, logically, means more criminals amongst us all. Yet none of our politicians seem to realise that this terrible state of the Nation is of their doing. The Labour fools, as they always do, blame all who dare criticise their infantile belief we are all equal and find ever more ridiculous language to describe the more sensible of us.

Racists, and or Nazis but two nonsensical nouns to brand dissenters of the socialist crede of idiocy we are meant to accept unquestioningly. Just as their teenage, drug addled, promiscuous, brainwashed products of a failed education system accept the "you're worth it" slogans of inducements. 

So as the Islamic domination of the West gets ever closer let's look at one now horrific consequence of the decades of political stupidity and mindlessness. The infiltration into the military of these hateful products of the declining years of driftlessness. Now exposed in, of all places, our nuclear submarine deterrent fleet. That is supposing, of course the infiltration is of a social decline mirrored across our Country and its "anything goes" attitude to drugs and sexual behaviour.

There is a further, some will say far fetched, consideration but one which surely deserves a glance if not hard look. Both sexual offerings and drug taking are used as tools to seduce and control individuals. Who would ever have imagined that a set of nuclear warhead armed missiles were floating deep under the ocean with circa 10% of the crew either, in the Captain and second in command's case, busy with young women's sexual needs and/or snorting cocaine.

What if the famous patience of its dogma to rule the world, Islamic cleverness, as shown with 9/11, has been behind this scandal? Is this only the tip of the iceberg of such activity. Whilst our Establishment dwell on the unsavoury and sordid encounters, around since the dawn of time and the very first ever apple pick, fret over their awful dependence of drug cartels and gangster funded financial support, our armed forces face complete loss of any effectiveness.

Again one wonders how this has all come about. For me it is pure, mostly, leftard, political inanity. Allied to a corporate global obsession to destroy its populations with their gluttony for power. Ergo the exploitation of Islamic desire for a similar goal of domination appears to be part of the utter mystery of why else are we now where we are. 

That the unholy, dreadful alliance with Islam could result in Armageddon, via the launching of our own weaponry, though fanciful, would offer the two global dominance partners a chance to destroy their main opposition. Russia and China. Such is the arrogance and ignorant nature of our Establishment, nothing would surprise me. Daft enough to believe such carnage would not affect themselves. 

An attitude behind much of the gross predatory of those rich and powerful enough to think, like Wienstein, anything goes and that they are untouchable. Perhaps in many cases they are. Aren't you Mr Blair? To name just one monster and his coteries of Campbells. Socialist hypocrites par excellence!


  1. Well done Lancashire Council...................................................
    There are other countries that allow unstunned slaughter, may I suggest those who want meat killed in this barbaric way go and live in those places.

  2. Hear, hear anon. Indeed why not foxtrot oscar to any places other than destroy centuries of white, Christian culture. Oh, of course, they want to rule the world.

  3. Point is the article says that stunned slaughter is acceptable to some muslims (doesn't say how many) but there seems to be hardliners to whom compromise is unacceptable and who will for ever be pushing the envelope, and the more govmt., kow tows to them the more they'll push.