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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

May Is No Longer Brexit Means Brexit.

Probably Never Was.

How tiring it now is to have to watch the machinations of our political elite dragging us into the gutter and for us to be being kicked from pillar to post. Not least by arrogant shiite like this. However the years have rolled on well past the days of Empire and the sacrifices of our parents in two world wars. Even so a glance at the 1930s gives an uncanny insight into history's repetitive nature.

For the time being money and power are the main weapons in subjugating human existence to the will of a handful of very unpleasant characters. Virtually every politician in the West signed up in the hope of riches and glory. Many such ambitions destined to follow Bliar and Clegg types into the annals of anal discharges. 

With Mrs May's links, via Woodie Allen lookalike hubby, to the City and great wealth, we can safely assume her public face is no longer the friendly one it may once have been. That phrase "Brexit means Brexit" always had a soundbite ring of insincerity, now more of a clang. A booming knell as she slowly chimes her supportive rhetoric down to almost nothing. The hopes we all had of leaving this corrupt, American and German shoddy edifice that is the EUSSR, dying fast. 

Still for better or for worse we do have another opportunity to fight back. 

Given the vitriol from Obummer, the Islamification of Europe and the rape and pillage now rife across our homelands, this new logo and Party suddenly look less of a small response. The mocking nastiness from the leftards will grow louder and ever more shrill, to stop any National patriotism surging to the fore. 

Patriotism now a dirty word as fools and morons bow to the subtle enslavement that is globalism.Yet as I see it right now, its the force of such emotion that's freeing Syria from the globally backed enslavement decreed by The Western and American imperialists. Their backing for ISIS, Al Nusra and Al Qaeda, with scant regard for the 9/11 victims, the troops lost in the illegal wars and the bereaved, par for the course to further the rule, by despots and gangsters, we now face daily. 

So, UKIP, like all the others, you let us all down. Nigel now little more than a failed hero, found, when push came to shove, wanting. The Tories now a tormented, self flagellating and selfish crowd, who seriously think Corbyn is their main enemy. That privilege goes all the way back to Heath and the Civil Service of his day and their lies, secrets and subterfuge. Briefly slowed by Maggie but then sacrificed for Heseltine like selfish vanities.

I suspect I'm not alone feeling saddened by the lack of an alternative, decent Party to belong to. It feels strange to have to cling to the last vestiges of any hope "For Britain" offers. Also frighteningly sad to see the hatred and violence this political nightmare we now have in the UK, Europe and across America, that now exists. 

Still, perhaps we could develop a special relationship with Russia, since the American Deep State see us as a joke, in private. After all, The Saudis are looking in that direction! Assad has backed them, too. All that before we consider the Chinese powerful emergence as a Global force. One thing I'm certain of, Boris slagging off Vladimir belies his intellectual prowess, so often spoken of. 

Add Putin's wish to not suffer the Islamic detritus now rampaging across Europe and Scandinavia and his patriotic, Christian tolerance of faith, it looks a better and better State than any in the decaying West. Especially as May seems hell bent on giving away everything to the EUSSR. From our armed forces to our destitute fishermen, our pensions and our homes. For Britain she looks very much not. She's clinging on until the remoaners can stop a Brexiteer. Ergo any day soon.

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  1. May acts as if, quite rightly, no one can stop her for five years. She can thumb her nose at us.