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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Far Right my Arse.

Bloody Establishment Gross Smear Monkeys. 

The constant daily misery of our media beggars belief. Never mind "hate crime" we, the holders of centuries of birthright in these now blighted Islands are the ones hated. Rape and abuse of children, Establishment closing of ranks when one of their's is in the frame and the huge might of the Civil Service evil brought to bear on all who oppose subjugation.

This Establishment scandal should see them in jail but guess what? If not already bloated at the tax payers raw teats they will soon hope to be. Yet, hey, any citizen scared and or angry at the decay, corruption and decline, the rise in crime and Islamic terror or the collapse of savings, the NHS, education and infrastructure, or even Big Ears' orange juice, just label them far right, racist and any other shit you can think of.

"For Britain" is a new Party already being tarred and feathered whilst the mess of mass, uncontrolled immigration and its horrific consequences goes on apace. We are on our knees, Brexit a joke and our Establishment back to their pre Brexit arrogance. 

At least one figure remains very diminished. Hilary Clinton. Sadly she's but one ghastly creature found out. Plus, even when caught red handed, the riches will still pour in. If only to keep the depth of scandal and depravity at the top under wraps.

If only the British people could shrug off the old order of despots and flock to "For Britain" and spite the grossness of our masters, we might make progress. Prayers are not enough but still worthwhile. Even when the kids support this cretinous Party of Islamist lovers. Just no shame of remorse.

Do you ever hear of any political will to end this? Nope, too many votes at stake. What a mess.


  1. Well said OR, I have little blonde haired, blue eyed grandchildren, one a little baby with Downs, God help these little ones, because I'll be long gone when this country is taken over. I wish there was someway I could fight back, but "they" have tied us every which way. I cry for my little ones.

  2. Anyone recall Nick Griffin.

    He made the grooming issue public and the establishment and its owned coppers tried desperately to shut him up, maybe hoping for the 'right' jury so once convicted and in prison he could be led into a room with erstwhile brothers of the groomers and swiftly the problem, he, would have been dealt with.

    Couldn't happen in England? don't you bloody believe it, they did just this with Tommy Robinson, an unfortunate error of course.

    UKIP now safely establishment, Farage conveniently vanished just when he's needed most though i can't blame him, its not worth your life, the traitors are the real enemy, in some ways i have no problem with the actual physical enemy they don't smile at you and give soundbites for the state broadcaster to use whilst sticking a stiletto between your shoulder blades.

    Our establishment are the enemy and they are winning.

    Why anyone thought Mrs May and the fake conservative party was worth a vote earlier in the year i shall never understand, the recent GE was the first time since 1975 when i voted NO to the EEC that i didn't vote, there was no one to vote for, and they weren't worth the time of day to walk up the polling station and draw and hampton and two balls on the slip.

    I've given up by the way, the people in too many cases deserve the fate that awaits them, no matter how many times the three parties betray them they continue to vote for them, its utter lunacy, the stupidity programming is driven too deep now, 3 or more generations of millions unable to think for themselves, have to be told by the media what to do how to think who to vote for.

    I shall now bide my time until the civil war that must come in due course ignites and then i shall do my duty by defending my loved ones and our homes.


  3. The swifter and stronger the vilification, the more you know you’re doing the right thing.