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Thursday, 26 October 2017

A Snapshot Of Corporate Might And Greed.

Third Quarter PROFIT

Just look at this mind boggling figure. Now I'm no socialist. I believe passionately in self reliance, determination and aspirational, personal responsibility. I loathe the present snowflake lazy majority sucked into the myth the world owes them a living.

Profit, saving and spending that which you can afford are tenets still valuable today. However when you see this one single banking corporation wringing its hands that billions of pounds of profit in three months are "below" expectations, you see they don't do irony.

Barely a decade after the collapse of these corporate carpet baggers, asset strippers and "debt swap derivative" Ponzi scheme chancers and their bail out from the public purse or drug cartel gangster mobsters, they're back in the world of fantasy numbers.

If you look closely you see the big shovel scooping these enormous sums are the credit card shysters. Rip off percentage charges in the realms of 25% or more above base rate. When Carney, Godfather of the UK purse strings, ups the ante next week, you watch the stampede to hike credit card fees way above his meagre but important 1/4 of one percent. 

Now given the ridiculous low levels of the cost of money for some ten years or so, paid on the back of theft from savers and tax payers, you have to wonder how they get away with the blatant behaviour. Easy, Government collusion for political ends. Not just Tory, by any means. 

This gem from 2008 is now subject to investigation but evidence to be given in secret. Where's the ****ing outcry? None from the Labour scum, it's their mates at the core of this horrific stunt pulled on the British gullible public. You do see however how these evil pieces of work are as much terrorists as any jihads.

Let's be clear here. All the shite talked about that we can't afford decent policing, schools, transport and so on is a myth. Our taxation is huge and a burden on circa 90% of us. Yet here we have billions in "disappointing" profits from just one Bank. Bet their tax bills will be peanuts, though. Nicely hidden by the likes of hector Sants's nasty carryings on. All in secret, even now.

Is there an answer? Well a more manageable population size would be a start.Over and above the huge sums stolen by banks and their colluding buddies in the political and governing establishments, the burden of ever expanding numbers of mouths to feed hits us hard. 

One thing I am certain of. The oppression, such as that beloved by pro EUSSR proponents and their infantile, led by the nose ignorance, will never diminish. Not without the people changing the Establishment away from the old, pathetic lick spittles to varying dogmas. Corbyn and his nasty cohorts no better than anyone else.

There are such changes rippling through Europe and even the US but it needs to become a sustainable roar of demand for change. Until then, no matter how obscene the banking profits are, bar a few beneficiaries creaming of the top of these billions, the drain on the little man's credit worthiness presages another collapse, ere long. Without change to curb this excessive, punitive greed, brace yourselves for another decade of severe pain to come. For most of us, of course. Not the "elites".

Hammond and Corbyn may well declare "let them eat cake" to cling to or seize power. Me, a dry biscuit and a bit of old cheddar I can afford beats luxury cream gateau on credit any day. Were we to eat and vote "For Britain", who knows? We could genuinely become a rich country. In morality first, economically second. Still the weather looks set fair for the next few days!

One final thought on this topic. All this "Weistein" and other abuse stuff. Everyone involved, "victims" included, colluded for the same motives driving the bankers and their mobster friends. Pure greed. Many who succumbed to the behaviour who "made" it kept stumm. Those who were abused and cast aside were the most damaged and quickest forgotten. 

The successful "luvvies" now whimper and mumble but don't really care. Just as Labour and the rest shrug about the child sex abuse now a plague on our society. Note the furore over the show biz scenarios prioritised by the gross media outpourings. So much more newsworthy and salable than the thousands of little folk abused every minute of the day. Hello magazine no doubt to have full colour page spreads of how "I was forced in this very luxury suite to drink champagne and snort substances against my will. I've lost count how many parties times I was made to attend with so many of my friends. Not once did we realise that each party would be so awful". 

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