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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

A Party Political Post.

For The Fed Up, Bemused And Disenfranchised.

This spiteful and devious operation is part of the grip the EUSSR and its cohorts have over the vast majority of us. Listen to these arrogant, smug idiots. part of the cabal linking together to ensure the already likely failure of Brexit to become reality.

Corbyn declares he now loves the EUSSR and within days he's touching their knees and kowtowing to Barnier. Another among so many failed rejected, unelected has-been. We really are being treated with contempt.

Just to be clear, the remnants of the Tory Party, in the guise of "remainer" May, is pretty awful. Their lechery just another perk deemed acceptable. Goes for all of them of course. Consider this ridiculous and snide remark. Firstly, in his ignorance, he confuses intelligence with education. Secondly it is his Party which has mostly destroyed the nurturing of intelligent but disadvantaged young people. All part of the dumbing down, weaponising of  ignorance.

The Labour Party chose to squash aspiration and learning to gain a perceived growth in its support base. Ironic but predictable that they were found out over Brexit and will be again at the next election.

However, now UKIP is a stricken hull almost Marie Celeste like, bar a few crew members yet to go overboard there is but one remaining, dim candle of hope for change. It needs millions to flock to join. If you  hate loathe the tyranny of minority (so far) dominance and can't understand how a religion has become a race. That since expression of fear and despising of Islamic grooming gangs, honour killings, inhumane slaughter of animals and the misogynistic brutality of this religion is classed as racism or islamaphobia. Didn't call it "germanicaphobia" in two world wars, did we?

We are really in extreme danger of our race and white ancestry genocide. A subjugation by a tyrannical alliance of corporate nastiness and evil with a religious fanaticism proven by the alliances on display in the Middle east and Syria in particular.  This but one of many essays on these alliances.

They are just part of the global descent into enslavement of the human race. The Mad Max future it most likely will end in a consequence never considered by the elites. Yet their track record throughout history has always ended in destruction on a massive scale. Forget global warming. Think more the furnace of our Establishments blazing ignorance of nature.

Time to act and take notice is really running out.

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