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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

A Muttering Post Today.

Hard To Know Where To Start.

As many of my regular visitors know I'm definitely not as fervent a blogger as I used to be. Partly down to a resignation that I want to stop watching  and being drip fed the constant litany of fake and nearly always depressing propaganda. All produced by a despicable and very much controlled machine fuelled by grossly overpaid inducements to morons like Adam Boulton. Nearly all toeing the leftard, enforced politically correct subjugation of freedom of speech thought and our very existence.

I still hang around, however to sometimes unburden my cynical psyche. As well as hopefully keeping a very, very tiny light, even just a glow of hope that one day sense will prevail. I am also minded, as well, that the diet of force fed, knee bending, faux angst and spoon fed, selfish propaganda is getting ever more discredited.

Merkel's shocked face at her crushing loss of support was a rare pleasure. Offset by the disappointing, engineered defeat of Anne Marie Waters UKIP leadership bid. That may still be a blessing in disguise if she can spark a new, National pride resurgent Party. After all look at the alternatives?

Vince "addled" Cable, his once staunch LibDum mate, Henry Bolton of the fringe Parties, Corbyn, as red in tooth and claw as all communist ideologues are. Bitter, self opinionated fools who ignore the very essence and heart of human nature. People who talk of equality, fairness and political correctness whilst plotting, even if subconsciously, the Pol Pot copying of the "killing fields" throughout Europe. The global racism of colour against wan.

Then there are the Tories. So desperate to emulate Bliar's left of centre, perceived success, despite the evidence of its utter failure. Mass immigration, ongoing endless war and a UK population overwhelmed. In such a rapid decline for the welfare and comfort of the majority, it has let the Communist, far left, fascist thugs, take over the agenda for now. History tells us how that always ends up. Poverty of spirit and decaying, hopeless drift, slaughter and brutal oppression. Usually led by a closet inadequate loser like Corbyn. Philosophically in the image of Hitler's inferiority complex.

As for any guidance as to where we are all going, we need look only at the events of last Sunday in Catalonia. I honestly believe this to have been a major turning point in the relationship with the dictators of the EUSSR. A revelation, better hidden in their violent crushing of the Greek protests but now resurfaced in even more horrific brutality in Barcelona and Catalan. 

Regardless of the unshakeable belief within the new World Order that their way only is supreme and their legislative enslavement for only good, as they arrogantly believe, the display of sadistic, Nazi style self gratification by the thugs, now part of EU law enforcement, was horrific. 

A desperation apparent by both Madrid's puppet Rajoy, every inch the Brussels figure of a bland but nasty subservience to Germany and a Brussels Cabal getting fearful of a growing sense of revolution throughout Europe. One that shook Merkel so hard. Add Brexit into their thinking and you begin to realise those thugs, probably not all Spanish, were under strict instructions to beat, maim and shoot at will young, old and even their pets to be manhandled to demonstrate their power.

Some democracy. One the New World order, ably supported by the lust for regime change in their own image, by the American Deep State and who employ anybody to further their evil goals. Behaviour reflecting the thuggery in Catalan. Nothing to be allowed to deflect these maniacs and their lust for absolute power.

How ironic that, to a greater degree, warts and all, of democratic effort is found in Russia and to an extent even in China. That Putin was invited and accepted into Syria, to support an elected Government and now routing the butchers of ISIS, seems to me to be a sign of the moral high ground won by the West and The Soviets against Nazism has shifted in favour of Russian philosophy and diplomacy. 

Finally, a short mention of Las Vegas. We'll have yet another media fest and daft questions to ordinary folk by quite ridiculous and foolish reporters. Soon they'll cut the over polite sympathy and ask how much they lost control of their bowel movements as the bombs, bullets, knives or vehicles closed in on them. 

What will never be questioned is their role, the media's, in perpetuating a litany of misery, criticism of popular wish and that democracy is about the will of the majority. Nope, Paddock is a mad man, a lunatic, a one off. Well, just ask how come he flipped? Ask why "news" is a daily spite fest against any popular movement. A constant siding with weak, nature variant minorities and a rant against white races across the globe. 

You know, the ones who for centuries got off their arses and evolved and developed as the rest moaned and whinged. Ire and nastiness now aimed at the mistakes of the past whilst happily ignoring the epidemic of rape and crime sweeping Europe and America. Yup, I really try to avoid this tsunami of negativity from our media fools. Their lack of reporting or criticism of their masters. 

The violence meted out by the EUSSR last Sunday met with barely a shrug by the EU and the media happy to drop the story in favour of a guy mimicking a "Falling Down" in which the questions now posed should relate to the sentiments of that 1993 drama. 

Still, there still remains hope. AMW might form a new UK Party, Syria could return to peace without meddling, Wahhabi, Western backed interference. The sun shine more often!

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