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Thursday, 5 October 2017

A Major Defeat For The New World Order.

Might Even Be A War That Is Lost.

A momentous, once incredible meeting is taking place in Moscow. What an enormous triumph for a real, strong and intelligent world leader. If this meeting today were part of a grand chess master tournament, Putin could rightly claim a total checkmate over all his opponents.

Even little old me, long a hater of the Western New World Order cretins of Common Purpose and a staunch supporter of Russia's legitimate presence in Syria now looking likely to bring peace to that blighted, by Western meddling, Nation, never expected this alliance to be as advanced as the getting together of both Country's leaders.

Our ridiculous and ignorant media fools are under strict orders to ignore this remarkable victory for Vladimir. Yet it puts decades of Western, USA backed and lick spittle EUSSR support to rout. Billions of dollars of contracts will be announced, including oil and arms. For so many years supplied by the Yanks and their preferred few pals bribed and coerced to support them.

From the heart of Europe to the burgeoning Nations of the East and Ukraine in particular, the CIA has plotted, murdered and fought tirelessly to undermine any power and strength Russia might garner and grow. Sanctions over Crimea just a cover for underhand fomenting of unrest and the destabilising of regimes for the greed and imperialism of the New World Order elite.

The nonsense over Trump's victory as influenced by Putin. Whilst the latter was underpinning Assad's democratically elected Government and hopefully about to wipe America's ill chosen IS and rebel barbaric killers out of Syria, the Democratic, Deep State of Obama's and the Clintons' Islamic recruiters really lost the plot. They have wasted so much time sulking while Russia was using its economic and military might to quietly bring on board the Saudis.

Such irony. America and The Western brokers of war mongering greed were so steeped in their deluded sense of invincibility, their scant and insulting approach to Putin was never questioned by the idiots and ill educated kids now endemic in every part of this rapidly declining Western world. Mass immigration a self inflicted cancer never once questioned but now to late to stop its terrible consequences.

Consequences every bit as harmful to the millions of economic migrants as those of us now bereft of leadership, hope or any understanding as what to do next. As for the Saudis. They must have seen what was coming and realised that the West is now a busted flush. Their economies built on shifting sand, their morality long binned by the alliance of Bush and Bliar. The EUSSR nought but a waste of resources, both in wealth and people. 

We may see the Saudis now row back from Yemen. A Russian and Saudi alliance, warts and all potentially far more likely a successful route to calming the Middle East. Israel needs to embrace this new order, too. All of the parties so betrayed and fooled, manipulated and bullied by the West need to appreciate the significance of the developments which have led to the meeting of today.

We must also not forget China. They loathe American expansionism and their, to date, Islamic love affair. Myanmar may also seek support and friendship from the East now and not the West. Not only are we seeing a huge new World Order emerging, as I have forecast was the case for years, we also are seeing a stop to all expansionist power grabbing.

More a meeting of disparate minds brokering for stability, so long sacrificed by the Western model of how to rule the world through undermining, meddling nastiness. One where enemies are used as "friends" to subjugate dissent. A small but nasty example this week in Spain's brutality meted out to ostensibly its own people.

One thing we can be certain of. The Saudi new found friendship with Putin and Russia is a tectonic, global political shift. An earthquake from which those who survive will need to be quick to embrace the potential rescuers. They sure as hell are not our own weak, pygmy failures n the West. They will be lucky if they keep one wheel left on their wagon!

I may well see my support and predictions, for this kind of surprise and totally unexpected, barely reported, historic event being in the offing, fall victim to unintended consequences. However I can be certain of one thing. This meeting appears to be a bigger surprise to the West's idiot agencies and The CIA morons as it is to any single little guy like me. 

The egg on their faces from the wasted yolk of "Russian election meddling" investigations and false flags is a delight to witness. Talk about taking your eye off the ball, what a disastrous failure. be interesting to hear Trump's take on all this. Bet north Korea will be relegated to the bottom of the in trays! Watch this space and Moscow very closely.   

Boris Johnson would do well to nip over and grovel to Vlad and The King of Saudi Arabia smartish and join the queues!

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  1. The only fly in the ointment is the U.S. still helping the isis terrorists against the legitimate Syrian army and killing Russian forces in the process. It's hard to understand why President Trump is allowing that to happen.