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Thursday, 7 September 2017


Our Ever Increasing Madness.

My more reluctant but dedicated readers will have possibly noticed an absence of posts and blogging. Some of the reasons behind my slothfulness has been personal family needs settling in Mrs OR's Mum in her new home nearby. A time consuming but rewarding exercise seeing a recently widowed octogenarian as happy as it is possible to be in her loss. The magic of a rural, beautiful setting in the garden that the Marches countryside paradise surely is and proves to one of its newest residents. "far from the madding crowd".

Indeed the state of our declining, third world destiny of a soon to be poverty stricken, Islamic State, under a dominance of a racially motivated, barbaric crede, is already glaringly evolving in our towns and cities. Note how jail sentences for child grooming gang members and the abhorrent, sickening rape and abuse of young children are heavily and quietly reduced. 

Also how the avaricious vote garnering combine harvester of political insanity, mostly by Labour and Corbyn, brooks little truck with outraged decency. Add also the very minimal interest from Downing Street for fear of the imported Islamic vote and doctrine. As for that well trumpeted nonsense of a full blown inquiry. As I and many others predicted, swept under the carpet with the aid of the Establishment media.

Most publicity these days is around the hand wringing faux concern over "innocent" blokes being fingered. Surely better that than hundreds of thousands of dark skinned Jimmy Sa(vile)s left to destroy many, many white kids' lives? Seemingly not. It really is insane a society we now are forced, yes forced, to tolerate on pain of prosecution if we speak out.

Minorities now dominate our fading culture and history. Except of course, Christianity. That trodden in the dirt as it was over 200 years ago. Regardless of any intellectual and superior academic input, there was and is a joy to behold in the tenets of that faith and teaching. One that has been far more to the good of human existence in the past but now reviled under the might of a crushing orchestra of Islamic volume.

Such is all this madness, I am becoming less able to find words to write. Syria is beating their traitors and their henchmen, backed by America and the Saudis. Ergo, little reporting anymore. Libya is a mess, Afghanistan an endless drain on Americans' taxes, Iraq a failed State, Ukraine hasn't fallen to CIA meddling and regime change when its real power grab was recognised. Now a stalemate but wearying civil war.

As for North Korea. As loathsome a suppressed society as it is, a nuclear weapon sure minimises the ability of the West's globalist ambition to dictate their future might just work. For sure, they haven't done all this research on their own, have they? Somebody else seems to resent American bullying and domination. Resent the likes of Soros and his ilk feeling the need to rule the world.

Finally there is this new weapon of our erstwhile rulers, political correctness. Dear Lord in Heaven, however we were created or became human beings, the grand plan was to have two contributing requirements to procreate. Be it plants, animals or micro organisms. At some point male and female genetic material needs to be conjoined. So gender specification is a natural state. 

Words to describe each stage of growth and the corresponding, necessary outcome to maintain a species are written in stone. So why this crap about gender specific language being a no no? Snowflake idiocy for sure, for people with little better to do amidst all the mayhem we are faced with. The only reason I can think of is just more ways to subjugate rational, intelligent debate. The furtherance of the weaponising of ignorance.

So, dear visitors and readers, my enthusiasm to offload my own angst through diminutive blogging and the knowledge there remain a few hardy, bright and non ignorant folk out there, is waning. My voice a fading, plaintiff cry from a rapidly growing wilderness of a once great culture. 

I'm not quite ready to give up but fear a more frequent tirade against the powerful stupidity now dictating our lives is becoming less easy to cope with. It does sadden me, however, that the life I have achieved today, against great odds, is no longer sought by a majority of kids today. Hedonism and a brief, drug fuelled, promiscuous youth is now evident among so many failed thirty somethings.

All I can say, is the future is ever more a Mad Max likelihood. Hopefully long after my generation and our warnings are forgotten, if ever heard are no longer around to say "we told you so". Back in 1979 the writing was on the wall. 38 long years ago!



  1. Keep on blogging. I know it must be tempting to chill in that splendid garden but your voice needs to be heard.

  2. Oldtarf, you are most kind and thank you. I will persevere for the time being, particularly with such encouragement.

  3. I very rarely comment, but read your excellent blog every day so please continue and most importantly keep your chin up.

  4. Regarding the short time in jail for those perverted alien throwbacks. They should have been deported, no questions, no appeal, no news coverage, carried onto the plane in a straight jacket if need be. For those who have no provable country of origin or who's country won't accept them back, use foreign aid. If some fly blown **** hole wants our money to enrich its leaders then they have to accept our rejects too, at least the money won't be completely wasted then.