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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Parallel Universes.

Now More Than Ever.

A glimpse this morning gave a significant insight to the now well understood uselessness of western media and its total subservience to an Establishment control. We really do have a mythical, orchestrated drama, Hollywood style production line of propaganda fed to us as news. All obvious, real news, critical of the POB is carefully shuffled into the background.

Natural disasters are manna from heaven in the need to "bury bad news". look at Syria. So well is the Government doing in the war on rebel factions and the monster that is IS, we hear little. Even when reports of US attacks on the legitimate army take place to support Al Nusra and by association IS, shhhhhhh.....Allegations by the West get full coverage, truth nothing. At least shouldn't debate be made available? No way. 

Then consider the shocking evidence that Obama's FBI did wire tap Trump's campaign. This shown in the BBC's US Canada sites but don't let the thick plebs in the UK get to know. Likewise, keep stumm over the Catalan independence demonstrations. Not European, that, is it.

Just a handful of the parallel universe examples. There are so many more we will never get to see. Or at least for 30 years or more. Another piece of powerful evidence the EU was a stitch up from day one. The corruption so huge as to be made invisible to mere mortal citizens.

OK, shrugs all round. Except that the consequences of economic failures, western cultural decay, mass immigration and terrorist atrocities destined to become ever greater can all be placed at the doors of the now dominant, corrupt and evil scum at the top of the heap. Many of them steeped in the ordure that emanates from the German run EUSSR.

As Merkel is once more crowned Queen of Europe this coming Sunday, reflect on how gross Germany has become, yet again. Sheep as stupid, gullible and careless as their predecessors, who so greedily and readily embraced the anti Semitic horrors committed in their name. Probably convinced their Islamic hordes will ere long be dispersed as occupying forces across the Continent, doing their dirty work in furtherance of a fourth Reich but with politically correct face and race.

If that scenario is too fanciful, then why is the genocidal impact on white races in Europe seemingly the plan? Whatever, not all Universes are visible, even when parallel. Probably not even to the high flying astronauts of western Establishment classes! Hey ho

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