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Friday, 29 September 2017

Nonentities Rule, OK.

Am I Alone In Thinking WHO?

A charismatic disaster. Another boring, bland, balding, middle aged,  shoe in bloke, to a Party already flattened by the electorate and which now shuns its best hope for it as a Party and the UK as a whole. "We're not at war with Islam". Spot on if you're happy to see your young women raped and abused, your values binned with a viscous and hate filled racism against white people and comfortable hosting the vilest of barbaric scum from every terrorist dung heap across the planet.

What a dreadful result. My only puzzlement is how they rigged it. For sure Anne Marie Waters was streets ahead in the membership support. Only 12000 odd votes? That's weird for a start. 

Still this will see this failure of a one man band, Farage plaything, consigned to history. The anti Brexit crowd whooping for joy. As for Arron Banks, enjoy wasting more of your dosh because you just sold our your core supporters to get your puppet installed for the job of caretaker of a condemned, already crumbling edifice. 

Perhaps you might choose to fund a Mosque building programme across the UK. Can't see much else paying off under Sharia Law and genocide of the endemic white race of this now tainted and crap Nation. Brexit. Never going to happen.

I mentioned charisma, here's what I mean. Bet you don't get to the end.

To add salt to this fix, he's a bloody ex Lib-Dum. Dear God.

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