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Monday, 25 September 2017

Merkel's Moment Muted.

Leftard Ire In Full Screech.

The excellent success of the AfD in the German elections has rather taken the shine off Saint Jeremiah and his Momentum's momentum. One of the very deepest human senses is the desire to belong to a protective, like minded clan. That emotional self preservation is not and never can be one desirous of embracing every clan going.

That small but significant and natural mindset is one that always, throughout history, has eventually triumphed over predatory and dictatorial, political, violent ambition to force unwelcome opinions on others. Just consider briefly the Catalan independence growing movement and anti EU embarrassment. The Crimean desire to return to the Russian fold and now the passionate anxiety of many sensible German voters to want their Country and security back.

The cracks in the Leftard euphoria in Brussels and the UK are growing ever larger. The talk of Corbyn in Number 10 looking the tardy, media propaganda, usual leftard creepy behaviour and grip on fraudulent electoral manipulation it actually is. Not least the clever disguise of the left's true fascist credentials. A disguise helped extensively by the global capitalist Mafia prepared to use any means to suppress and control all human existence.

This shadowy, evil alliance of gross and inhuman activity is seen in all its nastiness by events in Syria. A place their corruption and use of devious, nasty means beginning to be identified for what it is. Globalisation through death and corrupt carnage. Like Corbyn, all ends justify their mean means of dominant control over any daring to dissent. Regardless of source, this damning evidence is well argued. If this is not enough to cause concern, there is so much more independent data to be found.

What I find so tiresome in all of this is the idiocy of the leftards willingness to blame all and sundry who disagree with their ridiculous Utopian dreams. That whilst tolerating the methods employed by the globalists to use their, the left's infantile political ignorance of human nature. 

Whilst they, the socialist fools, fight for "equality" and hound the quiet, intellectual understanding of the "right", the globalists use of "gender equality", political correctness and racist taunts of all dissent for their obsession to rule the world, are given free reign. Well, guess what, slowly the worms are beginning to turn!

Syria is close to a victory for the Government of Assad. Despite the might and vicious Saudi/US alliance and their puppets in the EUSSR, the terrible slaughter along the way, they look like losing. neither China nor Russia have truck with Islamic migration now a weapon in the globalists' armoury.

As for the UK' political situation. Oh dear.  A weak,  discredited and staunch remainer is allowed to drift along as a distraction from the less than subtle attempts to deny the referendum result. She was duped into an election rigged long before its inception. Fortunately still shy of any real chance of victory for the leftards.  At least until a more convincing Labour EUSSR apparatchik is placed above Saint (not, thick, yes) Jeremiah. Possibly that awful snob, Thornberry!

Whatever, such is the state of flux and the declining power of the once mighty globalists, their bribery and war mongering now getting more than ever debilitating and stifled by the more sensible Sino/Russian approach to world affairs. Not least their understanding of nationalism as a natural human desire. 

So, my leftard dreamers, carry on your foolish support of your natural enemies, if you did but know it, of the gangster funded powerful global elite. The day when a lily pad of clan alliances in a Mad Max era of extreme violence is on the horizon. A time when your childish political naivety will be exposed. Just ask Merkel. Her face tells you exactly what I am trying to do! Remember her smugness over May's undeserved 43%. we can but pray this election result gives Brexit more hope for success.

A rambling post but it really is all connected by the use of globalist underhand methods to discredit all and sundry by whatever means and their ever more frequent failures.

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