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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

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For The Idle Snowflakes.

Our buffoonery in power lament the lack of "affordable housing" without one jot of self awareness of decades of their and their predecessors contribution to the mess we now have. The young are priced out of the "market", they wail, with their usual blind delusion of how much of our Country wasn't broken until the corporate controlled fools, Bliar very much a main player, capitalised on Labour's 1960s comprehensive failures.

A lovely phrase I use from elsewhere, the weaponising of ignorance, comes to mind. Something every Government, bar Maggie's, have done with blind relish and their very own ignorance. So now the concreting over of our once beautiful Islands is to move into overdrive. All to cope with an ignorant, lazy and teeming population of dumbed down, endemic kids. 

They, plus the swathes of third world, disadvantaged and grasping,  something for nothing like minded, mainly young males, bursting with testosterone and racially motivated violent anger, are the pressure cooker soon to explode. Not least because their self seeking somebody but me, me, me, owes them a luxury life style my generation knew had to be earnt not handed out like smarties, cocaine or booze.

Naturally, as Dioclese points out today, there's always winners. One might say the bottom feeders of the corporate hierarchy. Plus many of the political and Civil Service, even military senior figures, able to exploit the mess we now are forced to wallow in. More nuclear subs, more expensive weaponry and more corruption, so deeply embedded and subtle, as to get ever more successful, at our horrific cost.

Still, my generation knew that we and only we ourselves could dictate how our lives evolved. Sh*t, as kids and teenagers, par for the course. Suck it up or fail. Now that's supposed to be handled by others whilst the scenes of debauchery and Sodom and Gomorrah taunt the Islamic onlookers and fuel their own selfish and deluded ambition. Is it any wonder there is such a clash of cultures, as any remaining cake left has long gone stale and bordering on inedible.

So I'm going to be smug and point out to this modern world of collusion in decline and leftard gross ignorance. I had it harder than any snowflake of today. I earnt a life of great contentment and happiness in a home that, though not everybody's cup of tea and bloody tough to look after, is my pride and joy. 

You idiots carry on playing revolutionary Islamic dupes or debauched, drunken, drug addled fools, just don't keep whingeing you're hard done by. Forget the sacrifices of your predecessors, for you will never, as you seem prepared to accept, hold a candle to those who fought for that which you and your political, so called, representatives, squander so carelessly.

My life's work is here. Very hard earnt.


  1. Bloody hell that looks nice. Good on you

  2. Thank you Bucko, a kind and generous comment.

  3. I always find peace and solace in my garden. As I am sure, you do.

    I just don't know how we can turn the clock back 50 years or so - not for us oldies, but for the younger ones. I keep telling my grandchildren to always be objective and not to follow the herd.

    I believe they are smart enough to think for themselves, thank which ever God you want to put in here, and we do have some very interesting discussions. As I keep saying to them - "in my opinion, which of course is the most important one" I get the discussion going. It leads to some very interesting conversations.

  4. Juliet, we still have a core of bright, well educated and DNA blessed younger people. Sadly I believe their star qualities are an anathema to those cliques in power, globally. Heavens above, they might dare question climate change AGW theory and its expensive and profitable spin offs for the chosen few. They may even query minority power and PC rubbish. So they are mostly forced to sign up or be vilified and excluded from the top tables.