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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Europe's Destination.

Brokered By Your Political Establishments.

The truths of this video above are becoming evermore apparent. Not least the ghastly and evil rubbish, abroad in spades, in Brighton and the Labour Conference. Let me espouse this further and attempt to show the connection to the clip above and the 1995 Barcelona Accord.

Firstly the connection to the narrative from the Corbynista quarter and the "New" Fraudulent Labour of Bliar and his sycophants. Then money and personal wealth were the hidden driving forces for those hateful Nation destroyers. For the now abhorrent and scary Labour lot, core power and the using of mass Islamic, immigrant voter, gerrymandered base, to gain that power, is the driving force.

There is little doubt in my mind the  wavering anti EU stance from Corbyn has been encouraged by his anti Semitic mates and his own love affair with all things anti Israel, to accept that a massive Islamic influence throughout Europe might well assist his Stalinistic obsession that a communist world should be re-born. A peculiar alliance of a dictatorial fascist left united with an equally horrendous, hard line, religious oppression.

If Corbyn's route to power in the UK is held firmly to be in his Muslim power base, then surely the same tactics can be employed across the Continent. Amazingly this use of Islamic backing, to wrestle democracy into the gutter, mirrors the self same philosophy of the mega corporations and their political and banking arms. 

In all of this is a wry amusement at the gullibility of those kids promoting a Hitler like adoration for this ageing, not that bright but very unpleasant individual. For the early victims of this cult, were it to be even more powerful than presently perceived, will be the ones who fall prey to the paedophile driven and misogynistic law that infects and diseases Islamic existence. 

The prevalence of women at the top tables of a future UK Islamic State and governed by Sharia law will be very scarce. Let alone those of a varied sexual orientation, male and female alike. Centuries of evolving, Christian based societies, for all their faults and flaws, did lead us to a few decades of relative decency, equal opportunity and harmony never again to be seen in The West, if anywhere.

How odd that possibly one Nation, now very much a Christian embracing one, may be the last beacon of hope for the future. Russia. A Nation still proud of its Nationality and born from untold suffering and genocide such as beginning to surface in the West. Russia, now emerging from the very stark barbarity of Communism in its raw state of evil and cruelty. Something yearned for with infantile stupidity by Corbyn and his henchmen.

As with their hated rich, powerful, corporate, Mafia like globalists, the Left and the communists have only one goal. Power to the few over the many. This Labour sound bite of "For the many, not the few" leaves out so much. For the many read most of us under a totalitarian yoke, for the few, the Communist leaders allied with the Imam Corps of control freaks producing their own way of enforcement.

We can be thankful, however, that until driverless cars become the norm, the Saudi's kind permission to permit women to drive should transfer to Europe. Even though you can be certain not much else will be tolerated and feminism consigned to Europe's past. Along with most other freedoms and pleasures.

As for Corbyn, he'll get his place in history, too. The man who surrendered even quicker our society and our culture to others. For his own satisfaction and ignorant belief that communism and Islam make excellent bedfellows. The Nazis replaced with a more complex nastiness but still gross and evil fascism, whatever daft names and labels are trotted out.

As for the Tories. Their conference will be farcical and the dying throes of a now ultra discredited political movement, which once promised and delivered so much under Baroness Thatcher only to be choked by its own disloyalty and infighting to succeed her. A shameful beginning to the Conservative  decline that was begun by that lying scoundrel Heath and his treacherous signing up to the EUSSR, then following after Baroness T to culminate in mess we are now in.

Farage gave us a spluttering glimmer of faint hope, as does Anne Marie Waters. Yet even the feted Nige is now more Establishment than of the people. He and his Arron Banks bag man looking to split UKIP asunder if Anne Marie wins the leadership ballot. So much for their lip service to democracy. More hypocritical posturing, I guess.

As interesting as the times are, I am fearful of what is happening and so dumbfounded by the alacrity the people seem to embrace the awfulness that awaits their misguided and weaponised ignorance. I've suffered decades of Labour incompetent hypocrisy and their convenient mood changes but never anything as horrendous as now. Coupled with the nastiness embodied in Islamic interpretation of the human condition, what a nightmare.

As for Brexit. No chance. Another election will be forced upon us, possibly the last for decades to come, with, whatever their promises or hue, an incoming Government will annul the referendum on the grounds the electorate will be made to believe they voted for a new broom to keep us in the EUSSR. Just you wait and see.

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