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Friday, 18 August 2017

Tiresome and Endless.

Terrorists Murder And Their Pals Rape At Will.

I find it impossible to determine which disgusts me more. The platitudes and same old, same old, tired phrases trotted out by politicians or the slaughter meted out by racist mongrels and their debauched religious filth.

I note no Cobra talk fest called for, it is August of course, can't have the arrogant fools' hols interrupted over a handful of ordinary tourist murders, can we? Not only that, it's so regular these days what's the point of another eulogy to the futility of powerless idiots anymore.

"We" must consider the sensitivities of these crack head jihadist scum and not for one second consider their crazed, Islamic ideology as anything but enriching. The ode to multicultural decay and the importation of millions of savages into our midst must not be called out for the self inflicted horror it has become.

Open effing borders, free movement and one big happy family of Muslim dominating death, rape and pillage. Our "white" lives sacrificed for the gratification of those few who benefit from a core vote and who, if white, believe their collaboration guarantees them immunity from the decadence and murder. 

Well, idiots, with your pathetic sense of virtue and tenancy of any smidgeon of moral high ground, your turn will come. Just when not if. As you fail to understand the vicious, deranged, racist tigers you have by the tail, they will get you, too. For now it's your flotsam and jetsam who are raped without consequence but the day will come when the rest of the white population will be in line.

By then the forces ranged against ALL whites will see the same vile terror as meted out in South Africa, to all and sundry if of white, fair complexion.. You need a strong stomach to read this. Yet nothing is done or these perpetrators vilified because of some unutterable reason that their colour appears to afford them some kind of status and freedom from guilt. Skin colour trumps decency and morality.

So you can easily follow why I cannot choose between those who have facilitated the barbaric conquest of all we once held dear and those so relishing their freedom to kill and rape at will. The new power abroad is that of the hidden recruiters, the placements in high office of Islamic Mayors and MPs and the ease they slate as racist, bigoted or of ultra right  views,any criticism of the horrors wrought daily on us all.

One thing we can be certain of. Mad Max is the future awaiting all under sixty. The snowflakes of the left will be no more as unimaginable violence spreads to all people. Then colour wont matter as the struggle for survival trumps ethnicity. Maybe such war will at least unite all colours. It never will or should, in a truly peaceful society occupied by like minded, racial characteristics. Jealousy and resentment at others achievements and history not a factor and National pride a cause for celebration.


  1. This picture says a lot about the post and the scenario. Hope people become more mature with these types of steps and try to make and act sensibly.

  2. My sympathies are with all the victims. These terrorists are not the humans and they don't belong to any religion any community. Because no religion teaches this.

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