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Friday, 25 August 2017

The States Of Modern Society.

The Established Orders.

I am someone who isn't that fond of labels for human beings and their associations. Left and right political leanings but one such example. In some things, fairness and decency are normal traits and for certain do not belong to any one faction. Albeit leftards, blind to much of their arrogant violent anger, so often seen these days, seriously believe a "socialist" mindset trumps all other held ideals and morality.

Even if the snowflake generations ever read "Animal Farm" I doubt their weaponised ignorance could see themselves as Napoleons or dictators. The presence of many Labour Peers in that dreadful, devalued Chamber of The House of  Lords however, gives lie to the provenance of the pigs' takeover of the farm and all its creatures.

Anyhow, as ever I digress slightly. I woke this morning eschewing the state of our world and societies. I also looked to reason what dominant sections we now are greatly controlled and influenced by. I decided on four main groups. All marked by the avarice and greed of its senior and most privileged people. 

Possibly in this order, too. Corporate commercial and global interests, politicians and a corporate grouping but separate industry, Wankers Bankers and last but ever more influential, the gangsters who saved all the others from our so justifiable but impotent wrath and rage.

Today, if you have any inkling to determine how all these groups interact and behave, only Russia Today gives a glimpse of the relationships of them all and how much back scratching goes on. All at our expense. I truly believe that all the effort by the media, part of the corporate brainwashing factories, is aimed at cover ups on a minute by minute basis.

Take that awful SKY news "campaign" over plastic pollution in our oceans. Guess who gets the subliminal finger pointing? Yup, it's us little folk. Like somehow we begged for plastic bottles to replace glass. As though we demanded our sandy beaches be preserved from being used for glass making! Nothing at all to do with the cost of global shipping of heavier glass containers, is it? Also bear in mind this holier than thou initiative is also a commercial data collecting exercise for onward sale to the advertising scammers.

Now that last small point. On its own, a shrug is perhaps the only response. However there are far more sinister issues which use similar tactics. The Middle East debacle of Western interference and the whole hearted support of the Saudi dictatorship, I find loathsome and disgusting. 

The slaughter in Yemen and the tacit Hilary Clinton acceptance of terrorist funding are but part of the unholy and disgraceful manner my Establishment groupings work together. As for Clinton, a witch of some evil intent bar none. Her efforts to tar Trump with all kinds of ridiculous accusations whilst ignoring her own guilt in the murder of millions beggars belief.

As for the Establishments' constant demonisation of Putin and Russia, it sits well with pushing against a power that stops to question the terror self-inflicted by their out of control, pathological alliances. Consider the consequences of these pacts with Satan.

Wealth dominated by a few, including Corbyn and his acolytes. War waged to fund the arms dealerships. Mass immigration and the genocidal push against the indigenous white races. The new "North American" Indian scenario in reverse! An obsession with world dominance built on the backs of slavery and faux ideology. 

Is this why the Islamic and barbaric hordes are employed to further the reach of the Establishment of four unholy alliances? The flippancy with which rape and abuse of young white women is accepted? Political correctness given a superiority over the misery of hundreds of thousands of young girls? 

For certain all things born of Christian values are no longer acceptable trade in the swamps of immorality inhabited by our quartet of evil. Indeed in all of those four groupings, I doubt anyone bothering to read my post can identify any member of any of those groups worthy of praise. Any politicians, Anne Waters, Farage, Marie Le Pen or even Trump, who push against the perceived orders gets short shrift from the might and the forces looking to control even our bowel movements.

Still, over centuries the sometimes feint voices of freedom have eventually triumphed against huge odds. Not least in the darkest days of Nazi occupied Europe those cries were never wholly silenced. Even through atrocities on a par with the butchery of ISIS and Islamic terrorism. I will end this post with that lovely phrase, "hope springs eternal". Sadly, of course, it often seems so does hate.

On that theme of hope, however, weather for most of us looks great for some days ahead. Enjoy a rare and dry long weekend!

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