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Thursday, 10 August 2017

I Return With Some Anger!

When Will MPs Listen To Reality?

I guess that answer is, for most of the cretins, never. For circa two decades, possibly more, the sexual abuse and exploitation of young, white children, mostly girls, by Asian migrant gangs and scum of the earth, illiterate rubbish has gone unchecked. As yet another such group of sub humans is locked up, probably for a few days, from the Newcastle area, the deafening, loud screams of anger and protestation mixed with remorse for their own incompetent corrupt ignorance reverberates from the sun kissed holiday resorts.

Can you hear it? Hordes of media fat cats so appalled by this shameful industry, now a huge part of enrichment of our once wonderful nation, are following hot foot the plane loads of Civil Servants and MPs rushing back to show their concern and horror at the state of the UK and Europe's new, multi-billion dollar slave trade.

Or is this return and desire to wipe out the new slave trade and child prostitution lucrative business too involved throughout our Establishment for them to give a toss? perhaps the "old" aristocracy and its source of wealth so ingrained as to make this latest reincarnation of enriching abuse very acceptable indeed?

Surely "political correctness" is no more than a hijab to hind the faces of the carnal, lust obsessed Establishment figures enjoying, no doubt, the riches and the wares on offer? People led by the shameful predilections of people such as Keith Vaz, Mandleson and the erstwhile supporters of Savile. 

All I can say is the silence and lack of interest, the usual burying of unacceptable truths where this abuse and trafficking is concerned and the whole wretched decline of our society is a disgrace that shames them all. So horrific is this activity it stands at a level the equal of the Nazi atrocities. Indeed, with the historic facts of those terrible acts there for all to see, I find the weak, pathetic and puerile stance of our Establishment possibly more gross than that of the warped and gross indecency and racism of the abuse concerned.

Still. not to worry. Cocktail hour soon, throughout the luxury hotels and yachts, more than paid for from the success of permitting this new "trade" to flourish. As for the latest revelations and convictions. Seize on criticising the manner they were obtained and ignore the filth who carry out this sick, awful occupation. My attitude is that as with guns and other weaponry. It's all useless unless somebody chooses to use it. Guns don't kill, it's those who use them.

If a payment of £10k to one sick pervert netted 18 others, cheap at ten times the price. Still a fraction of the cost to the children tortured by such sick and arrogant racist rubbish. All a waste of human skin. As are they who blithely rule over the ever growing levels of this evil but more than tolerated slavery. Not least the manner nothing short of a nuclear war or the loss of one of their own will get them back to Westminster. Will it?

Of course here are more examples of our Establishment's joyous, uplifting wonderful multiculturalism, so what on earth is not to sing praises to our leaders for?

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  1. Its pathetic to see such condition of our leaders giving rise to multiculturalism and dividing people on the basis of cultural differences. everyone should stand against this to stop this vandalism.