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Monday, 31 July 2017

There's Always An Excuse.

Brexit The Latest Excuse.

Over my fairly long life I've often been bemused by the manner our Establishment manages to Sir "Huphreyise" everything. By that I mean seek to confuse, obfuscate and hide behind a myriad of excuses to cover their Machiavellian shenanigans. Their control over politicians is a powerful one. Their ability to destroy beyond measure.

However they have help. Corporate power brokers are part of their armouries. Sometimes some excuse for a human being turns up in the form of people like Bliar and now Hammond. If you told me he and his mates across the EUSSR and his own Civil Service knew or felt they could engineer the election result. I would not be surprised at all.

This morning I stumbled across one of the fallouts from such people. The price of milk. For over 13 years, out here in the sticks, Mrs OR and me have paid over the odds to have milk delivered. A minuscule protest at the disgraceful treatment of dairy farmers by the corporate food conglomerates. However we are told this morning we are to pay 75p a pint. 

In a letter on the doorstep is a mealy mouthed explanation for this. So I have a look further on the good old, sometimes, "tinternet". In the aforementioned letter it states there is a looming dairy shortage. This doomladen, 2 billon a year turnover crowd say it is so. Yet look elsewhwhere and this is questionable. Gainsaying big time even with the caveats.

So it's "could", "might", "maybe". Remember how decimalisation stuffed we consumers with rounding up left right and centre? Don't forget the petrol and energy price rise scandals, still very much with us. What about the classic and so wonderful Sir Humphrey sleight of hand which Plonker Phil is already embracing and was beloved by his one time Nose Picker predecessor? 

Which one? Suggest to the tame media a huge tax rise is imminent. Fuel duty or council tax or whatever. It strikes brexit like "politics of fear" into the gullible majority. The kids too stoned and spoilt to notice. Note this dairy price hike "could" similarity. Already butter has soared in price on the back of a "maybe" forecast. So when milk follows suit, bingo! That 2 billion turnover doubles and the profits with it. The farmers' pittance increased to pretend or as an excuse for the greed of globalism.

What stinks is the manipulation. Not least that of the farmers producing milk. Circa 26p a pint versus 44p to us in a supermarket, 75p delivered. Loathsome practices. Hammond will be licking his lips. Rubbing his hands at the joy of taxing us to the hilt and beyond, as punishment for denying him his European Presidency. A mournful hope, the same as that competed for by Snotty and Bliar. Still coveted by Bliar so you have competition, Phil.

An unpleasant, arrogant snob, Hammond. His air of comfortable superiority as nasty as ever it gets in a politician. His dead hand and undertaker's face all over that manifesto which did for the more naive, gullible and struggling to be open and honest, Tess. I really want to like her. I met her many years ago and did. Yet her decency is exploited and vilified as "weakness". 

However in the modern age, the more devious and cunning but nasty types have sway. Corbyn and Hammond good examples. They will "have men about them" who will do their bidding. Can you imagine Mandleson and Hammond as bosom pals? I can, both the epitome of Corporate puppets with but one agenda. Total dominance over we mere mortals.

So if you want an excuse to stop them have a long hard look at Anne Marie. Not least the venom now aimed at her by an Establishment running not scared but nervous. If she could get big support, then they would be scared. If you want fair prices and a balanced society then you have no excuse not to vote for her. She would be a better ally to Tess than Phil Uriah Hammond.



  1. Do you not have an Aldi store in the vicinity OR, 4 pint semi skimmed 99 pence. Get two and the saving would probably pay for your petrol getting there.

  2. We have, indeed, RAC. I shall pursue! Bit busy moving Mother in Law into her new home nearby. Back soon.