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Thursday, 6 July 2017

The Machetes Are Out Already.

Led By The Leftards, As Ever.

All excesses by the leftards or their tribe go unremarked. Commie(cal) Corbyn's pro all things terror related, multi culturally barbaric and child sex grooming acceptance is of nought. If you are of his ilk images of severed heads of our PM just a bit of pornographic titillation. The contrast with everything remotely not of their mindset of ignorance of democracy and alternative opinion is to be violently dealt with.

Decades of anti British, white related success has been marred by this ever growing, gerrymandered and global need to support Islamic idiocy for taking over the world on the back of fictitious, faux faith. Whilst feathering their own kids nests of nepotism.

If the hypocrites of the left, plus the ignorant kids who solidly believe, in their weaponised ignorance, Hitler was "far right" as opposed to a socilaist tyrant, were to be less than hypocritical, Ms Water's gay, ex-Labour, female credentials would be lauded to the skies. As it is she has the temerity to care for the huge negative impact her once erstwhile Labour Party has wrought on their old core base of support.

I suggest this latter fact is one the Guardinistas are terrified about. Nothing to do with "far right" but a possible game changing "momentum" away from the Islam huggers and worship, indeed beatification, of all things non-white, non traditional Olde England. Indeed the Establishment per se, will be of a united front again, against UKIP, as they were when Farage was bullied off the pitch. A resurgence of UKIP is the last thing they will all want. Especially if it became a maelstrom of dissent.

Sadly the wimps in the UKIP hierarchy will be no different. They, too, will do all they can to thwart a candidate who might become as popular as Nige. Can#t have that, can we. What they will seek is another tame pussycat, as Paul Nuttall turned out to be. Liverpudlian wasn't enough to make up for a lack of charisma. 

Still, were she to win the leadership, expect more nastiness and name calling of "far right" and extremism. The extremism of child rape, FGM and blazing, overcrowded, sold down the river burning infernos is just fine, of course. Buy a rasher of bacon within 50 miles of a Mosque now a prisonable offence far more heinous than any child rape. On paper she hasn't a chance, has she?


  1. Can't say I've ever heard of Anne Marie Waters but just reading your link she seems OK to me, I would give her my vote. To be honest I've not been following British politics all that closely lately, been more interested in the real live soap opera going on across the pond. Not that anyone would get a true picture from the fraud MSM, when one digs deeper it gets interesting.
    So commie corbyn is up to the same tricks as the welsh windbag, absolutely no surprise there then, and yet the brain dead mugs keep voting for them.
    A recent thought I've had is that the only thing that would save this country from an islamic takeover in the next couple of generations, would be if we had a constitution exactly like the USA and all govmt., servants were sworn to uphold it. In fact the U.S.system of govmt., may be better than ours. I feel the monarchy has had its day, time for it to fade away.

  2. Just saw this, here's hoping it happens........

  3. Given the alacrity of the leftards to disown the fool, Bliar, you never know. It's a shame he had Killer Campbell to nurse him and have Kelly dispatched.