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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Spin Doctoring.

A Consideration from behind The Scenes.

History repeating itself.

In order to stick to the post header, firstly I give you the "momentum" of the first photo above. "Jeremy waves on his way to The Palace after Flabbot's maths show him the triumphant winner of the 2017 General Election. Unlike all previous such journeys, our Supreme Plonker Leader is to tell Her Majesty he is now President Of The United Kingdom and she's to pack forthwith.

His next task will be to consecrate all the ballot boxes which were stuffed by Asian patriarchs and autistic youngsters voting twice. These will be placed on the now empty benches of the disbanded House of Lords and across those benches in the Commons formally occupied by the now banned opposition parties. 

His first unopposed Act of Parliament will be the rounding up for forced Labour all middle class professionals and other groups of voters who failed to endorse his Flabbot maths victory in the election. Most of the public service hierarchy, headmasters, NHS Trust placements, The British Medical Council and University professors already on the payroll board will receive immediate doubling of their loyalty bonuses. Len McClusky will take up his long desired role as National head Of The TUC Enforcement Unit to replace all regional Constabularies."

"All National newspapers, bar the Daily Mirror, to be closed. All social media and broadcasting will be controlled by Kevin Maguire, (why toilets?) under the title "Media Commissar". Blogging of any kind will result in incarceration under the control of Emily Thornberry.

Finally the £100 BILLION  to abolish tuition fees will be extracted from all home owners via a land/garden tax replacing council tax. All, likely to be millions, of homeowners unable to pay will forfeit their houses and any contribution from the State for elderly care costs.

This latter action by the Corbyn Presidency will be spun as immensely favourable to the Islamic tenants and migrants, who will benefit by being given the properties repossessed free of rent. Just as is happening with Grenfell displaced hundreds of thousands thought to have already been living rent free.

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