Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Light From Gloom.

As Promised.  A Haven.


  1. Crikey what a beautiful place, am surprised you have time for blogging with all that to look after.

  2. Simply quite stunning! Wish it was mine, you are so lucky.

  3. Wow - just WOW!! I did steal an idea from Mrs OR from some previous photos you put up - running clematis through climbing roses. Mine are only in their first year, but I love them. Thank you for the photos, and Mrs OR for her beautiful creation.

  4. Absolutely beautiful, a feast for the eyes. I wondered if Mrs OR gets any help from OR!

  5. A beautiful house in the beautiful country in the world. Brilliant.

  6. Thank you all most kindly. Particularly on behalf of Mrs OR. It is very much full on 10 moths of the year but a labour of love. We are lucky and regard ourselves as custodians for future owners to come. I hope such a home will be loved for ever as we do.

  7. For some years I have looked forward to the day pics of Mrs OR's garden are published. A simply stunning affair.

    Three things caught my eye this year.

    First that she has enticed some plants to flower a little earlier than might normally be expected, I think in particular of the crocosmia.

    Secondly that she has enticed some planys, such as the purple aliums, to flower later than might normally be expected.

    Thirdly that there is a very clever use of pots to fill gaps containing plants that either have already flowered or will flower later in the year.

    It is always both a pleasure and a privilege to see your pics.

    I also think the under-gardener did a magnificent job cleaning the patio and path areas.

    Thank you again Mr & Mrs OR.

  8. FB, brought tears to Mrs OR's eyes! Thank you.