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Friday, 28 July 2017

Keep Them Miserable.

Fake News Rules Over Any Optimism.

I really have begun to not watch much in the way of broadcast media tripe anymore. If I look harder at my world around me I see and can experience much that is positive. If I listen to, read about or follow closely the diatribes spouted by the majority of the political class, corporate Establishment, consumer Stazi brainwashing marketing scams and their media mouthpieces, all I get is miserable urging.

Allow me to elaborate. Hammond, is there a more doom and gloom, boring pessimist and self interested millionaire on the planet? Well, maybe Branson's got a place in there. The whole Brexit issue is one long, never ending litany of misery. Adam Boulton, thankfully giving us a break from his spiteful presentation of the genre of guilt inflicting, long, bored facade of brilliant but puerile punditry.

Then there is the ridiculous lauding of minority tyranny. A Government thicko female, in the form of Greening, ordering us all to fall on our knees and embrace worship of the new religion of spiritual unnatural gender discrepancies. How did such a weak, compromised, gender neutral apparition reach a position in the Cabinet. Mind you it's such a disparate, unmatched and woeful group, in the main, I guess she is just one of mostly motley fools.

However they will reign for a time and suffer the mudslinging, BBC and leftard driven mud slinging. That those hell bent on restoring a socialist nightmare, to replace the rich comedic one presently partially running the show, are in any way better than those in Downing Street and on the Government benches are also severely delusional.

I offer you further evidence of the manner seemingly good news for we mere, gender balanced, majorities has to be given the syrup of figs doses of gainsaying all that might cheer us. Pun there intended. A five year, some 70,000 strong research in Denmark suggests a three day week of booze indulgence may well help stave off type 2 diabetes. Out are trotted the vested interests of gloom sales folk. Some dull non entity sought, as always, to present a gender neutral face of pessimistic negativity.

All of this from a mere brief flirtation with the morning news. No reporting of the state of Syria. Nor the tragic nightmare of Yemen. Nope, concentrate fake news and transgender rubbish. The latest must have, designer minority. How ironic that these sex related issues make little or no mention of when the rape, torture and abuse of young white kids is involved. 

Wonder what the Islamic cultural pleasure derived from killing those who are affected by quirks of nature makes of the new boys and girls now preached demarcations are to be glorified? It would be interesting to have a debate televised on prime time TV here. Guess what, it'll never happen. More likely to have Sharia Law brought in to address these issues as and when we are transformed, under Charles the Third, into an Islamic State.

Mind you, will he be referred to as King, Queen, Gender Neutral Monarch or Defender Of LGBT Faiths? Well, that last one won't be tolerable under sharia, will it? Whatever, the big question for the future is will the British ironic sense of humour be enough to keep us going? 

Well, I think that until my generation and forebears are long forgotten, we should be OK. When Greening's and her lot have had a brief tenure at the "top", before being swept aside under a tidal wave of Islamic and fierce retribution for centuries old cultural clashes of decency versus barbarism, any vestiges of our once great character will be gone for ever.

The moral, deluded, high ground stance of these present day aficionados of minority predilections will get even less credibility than our sighs of bemused incredulity offer. At least when the full horror, now rampant throughout the Middle East and Islamic ruled world kicks in. We get but are ignored and indeed tolerated and protected, glimpses of these barbaric practices in the abuse and quietly condoned grooming gang activities around us.

With all the effort I can muster, I find is so hard to see any fun or jollity in our urban centres anymore. All I see, on the odd occasion I have to, are acre after acre of subjugated squalor. Unseen by the elites, including the Corbynista Brigades. Ignored by the relatively comfortable, leftard, expensive pop concert, creche dominated fools. People for whom amusement can only be found in the discomfort of others seen through their haze of drug induced stupors.

Still, out here in the sticks I did manage a grin at how foolish Corbyn looked at Glastonbury. Matched only by Mr and Ms Balls and the hordes of glazed eyed kids milling about them. "Escape to the Country"? Mrs OR and me did it in the nick of time! With a modicum of joy and humour salvaged. Laughing at the unspoken issues around this picture, you bet!

Ingratiation can be tough!

The loss of power tougher!

Here's what Corbyn's lot left behind after Glastonbury. The whole Country next after one month in power!

Have a great weekend.

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