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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How Gross.

The Weaponising Of Corruption.

Notwithstanding the steady descent of our society, engineered through social engineering, Labour's obsession with mediocrity for all, in education and their trillions of wasted cash used to enforce dogma, I suspect our decline in the West owes much to all of us. Over decades we have allowed political and establishment power to change from benign incompetence to evil and corrupt moral decay.

The inevitability of the unabated politics of exploitative envy, allied to powerful corporate and banking greed circling the willing victims of exploitation has driven us to a precipice over which we are slowly growing the lemming numbers willing to hurl themselves off. Many happy to speed their demise through excesses of lust, drug induced, addled idiocy or just mind numbing and ignorant obedience to their leftard education brain washing.

Just in the last few days the promotion of left wing, cultural suicide has been exposed in our schools. The teaching of all things conservative or Tory, traditional or of national pride has been twisted into a subjugation of decency and common sense. Morality only for the few elderly left with a degree of intelligence, real education and a now forlorn, discarded, tattered remnant of a once common, shared moral compass. One now forgotten and the direction it pointed no longer of interest to the present, sad younger generations.

The idea that the paths now trod are leading to a newer, progressive promised land a pitiful belief which flies in the face of the reality all around. A multi cultural melting pot of envy, thwarted ambition and streets not paved with gold but the excrement of decay and failure of social experimentation gone horribly wrong. Rape, FGM, murder and immorality, set against Sodom and Gomorrah making the latter look tranquil and to be admired.

Our infrastructure hangs by a thread, as the cost of funding the survival of empty dreams sinks beneath a sea of personal debt, lost hope and the dawn of a horrendous reckoning. As for a magnificent example of our parlous and unedifying Nation, let us look at the fraudulent vote rigging possibly about to be exposed. Particularly that of gullible, infantile snowflakes lied to and duped by Corbyn's acolytes over a promise of a debt free Utopia next weekend.

It was decreed that if these poorly qualified and immoral infants voted as many times as they could engineer, fiddle or brazenly et away with, then the world and all its riches would be theirs. Well, how wrong could they get? Not one tiny spark of morality and educated sensibility to be found. Their wealthier and possibly even more stupid than their thicker counterparts, gathered at a pop festival run by rip off entrepreneurs, performers and endorsed collectively, the moderate but now likely, criminal election performance of a Marxist wannabe republican dictator.

So let those of us beginning to approach our later years enjoy to the full our wealth and savings. We ca be certain we shall be the last of generations who will have anything left. Corbyn's gulags will be a necessity to contain the millions consigning themselves to penury for most of their time on earth. The fools unable to do the maths of ageing. If you consider stretching your puberty into your thirties is to be admired, then carry on. 

That you might still have 40 years plus to endure the consequences of your ignorance, trust me, you'll be very ill equipped to cope with the misery of poverty stricken age than my generation are. Bearing in mind we grew up in our late teens not mid thirties! That and we really did and still do know the value of right over wrong. That referendum, kids, was our last stand and we got it right. We did it for you to have one last chance to follow our example and your grandparents and great grandparents sacrifices over two world wars. 

Never forget it's our values you have allowed yourselves to ignore, discard and ridicule. The cost you are paying now is bad. It will and is becoming much worse. Shame on you and those who have happily exploited and are exploiting your naivety. The wars and violence round the corner will make the Middle East of today seem tame. A small clique of your present heroes will relish the riches they will garner. It's happened throughout history and always the preserve of fascist socialism.

I can't wish you luck. The gloating triumphalism you splashed across social media boasting of your immorality and despicable stupidity will, if not already, be your loss. Check out Cambodia, Stalin's Russia or even the IRA's gore ridden philosophy, if you need a quick glimpse as to how you are played.

Here'a glimpse of your "now".

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