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Thursday, 13 July 2017


Project Fear In Overdrive.

Brexit looks day by day more unlikely as the might of self interest, which may well include the Prime Minister and Common Purpose cretins, get an ever tighter grip on our failing democratic history and probably future. Alongside this complete and nasty disregard for the referendum result, Corbyn's lust for power and a Republican Presidency leaves the will of the majority in the gutter of Establishment practices.

Over and above the fraudulent votes cast for Labour were many old school Labour supporters prepared to vote for Labour, since their public lies utterances appeared to favour remain, with a hint of leave. Indeed to have come out as staunch proponents of remain in the election just gone may well have hurt their vote so that was cunningly played down.

It now seems that any attempt to pass meaningful Brexit legislation is to be thwarted. The might of the EUSSR funding and bribery machine in full flow. Smirks of self satisfaction the norm as shadowy meetings to determine the propaganda strategies are held all over Europe and deep in the fetid bowels of our Whitehall nasties. 

All of this subterfuge aided and abetted by a State Broadcaster the superior of anything Pravda and Stalin ever achieved. An organisation steeped in the depravity of child abuse paedophilia and underhand total bias against the once proud, ethnic British population. Their unpleasantness more obvious than the pay by the second outpouring of bile from the "commercial" slaves of Soros and Murdoch.

The gall of the sitting members of Parliament and that stuffed to the gunnels House of Lords socialist, hypocritical graspers such as the Kinnocks, Mandlesons and Prezza of the Pies turncoats on their own class beggars belief. Everyone of them scared their good life might end if we dare to obey the will of the people.

I cannot think of one decent, effective politician in a position to stop the juggernaut that is the global elite and Establishment. Rees-Mogg is joyous, Anne Waters a hopeful glow in the dark and wilderness of our lost democracy. Yet the might lined up against them and the rest of us is so evil in its ambition to rule every creature on the Planet, I despair.

When I watched the heavily censored violence in Hamburg, I was horrified. Yet what else is left when a democratic referendum is then traduced and trampled into an irrelevance before the might of the Hitler mentality that grips Common Purpose. Nothing, absolutely nothing is permitted to interfere with the decades of planning for an isolated elite to rule the World.

Mass immigration from self interested and stoked up wars across the Middle East and despotic DNA cruelty, so endemic in Africa, used to flood an agitated and dissatisfied European, once successful, society. One now sinking steadily under the weight of imported misery and decay. All orchestrated to leave a vacuum of democratic influence to be filled by the Global Elite. One funded and supported by our centuries old, barbaric enemies. 

Head of whom are the Saudi Royals. Any dare to rebel become vilified through endless propaganda, fake news and huge sums of bribery and arms deals. Assad, Putin and soon China targeted to satisfy the Mad Max future destine, nee ordained for generations coming on. All I can say is those snowflakes across the Western world haven't a clue.

Let them follow their masters lead in berating we less young, experienced folk, still able to remember or recollect the horrors of two world wars or at least their devastation. We see the futility of Mosul, Aleppo and recall Vietnam and that unnecessary horror  and thank God we had the strength to still succeed and influence the political classes.

Not anymore. Such is the weaponising of ignorance, rubbish education and the myth of socialism and its dogma of "equality", we who have triumphed personally over adversity, stuck up for ourselves whilst recognising the genuine needs of the less fortunate, less able or just unlucky have nearly run our cause. Perhaps Brexit was our "Custer's last stand" and we, like many brave soldiers of history, will fight to the death.

Sadly that spirit, reasoning and courage has been lost to recent generations. I may be selfish here but is it not any more than their surrender deserves? Their ill educated ignorance and nurtured selfishness, something for nothing embracing of taught self entitlement their problem. With luck I will finish my life in hard won comfort and the shrug of indifference and despairing but factual "I told you so".

Let Brexit fail. Hopefully the years of hardship before subjugation is completed will see me through. Perhaps I'll get that lusted after XK140 before I go! That and have set up a luxury dotage for Mrs OR. Few under 55 today will get such opportunities outside the elite coteries ruling over them. Corbyn's kids among them, you fools. Those and the EUSSR's offspring.

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  1. The mugs who want to remain will find out the hard way if they get their wish. That is if they know any better, quite probably they won't, they will have little grasp of how much better things were.
    The other day I replaced a light bulb with one of the new LED ones, the though crossed my mind that this bulb will last longer than me. Sobering thought.