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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Cold War Over Arctic Conditions.

When Politics Freezes Science.


I haven't visited the endless "climate" political arena for some time. However it seems that there is a groundswell of necessity for the Establishment to reinforce the propaganda now President Trump has peed on their parade somewhat. 

My first foray onto the "tinternet" for some time,  left me a little shocked. After a couple of years of the need to suppress the expansion of the Antarctic ice levels, suddenly the doom-mongers are back with a vengeance. September 2016 data a distant "inconvenient truth". Let alone as recently as May of this very year, 2017! Once again the interested parties, mostly tax collectors and energy hedge fund managers feel the need to stoke up the dying embers of it's all our fault for daring to exist.

Whatever the truth, or probably natural global phenomena, everything must be fashioned to the consumer led profiteering of powerful global interest. As with conflict, war and misery, it all is parcelled up into packages for the benefit of the few. Politicians the post office for the global elite's delivery systems.

Just a brief look at the imagery and information on the internet exposes the contradictions and gainsaying of all suggestions which fail to fit the required narrative of soaking all but the powerful elites. For all the constant nagging and haranguing of we ordinary folk, the huge volumes of plastic detritus, in the form of cheap, globally standardised tooling for packaging all and sundry, in plastic wrapping, goes on.

The level of mogul millionaires, out of the profits to be had from this ghastly industry, will continue to expand. More tower block cladding and soda pop material will continue for decades to replace our oceans with quagmires of discarded, wasteful plastic paraphernalia. Since it's all our fault, this new breed of plastic billionaires, we shall and are being forced to pay for it.

Sod paper made from trees and recycled, sod the enormous sand dunes for turning into glass. That all no longer fits the huge investment and profits to be got from fossil fuel waste. Plastic is the new steel. So if we can be cajoled into paying ever larger sums of consumer dollars as guilt money, then the scare stories, now back in vogue, the SKY News harvesting of personal data on the pretence of "plastic" pollution and the holier than thou entreaties of the political classes, it all gets back to the confidence trickery of the elite.

One glaring solution already adopted by the white races throughout the Planet is the reduction of breeding. Guess what, in order to address this we encourage other races to continue exponentially to carry on. We even nurture this by paying huge sums to encourage this approach and run a replacement philosophy and payment strategy, regardless of the contradictory aspect of an overpopulated, polluting species.

Note in the recent hot weather the several degrees of higher temperatures in a London now bursting at the seams.A  city bloated with filth and squalour, producing its own extremes of heat and decay. A towering inferno, consuming victims of unknown numbers a testament to this stupidity of uncontrolled human overpopulation. The one single factor likely to be the driving force behind, if not global warming, certainly it's fuel, that of huge and out of control pollution.

One final thought, too. These creatures who lecture us are the very same who preside over the destruction and pollution, across swathes of our Planet, through their war mongering and pathetic ignorance of any form of diplomacy, where it might fail to embrace the elite arms dealers and producers' needs. 

I guess the day will come when thermonuclear Armageddon will wipe away all the pollution and the polluters with it. Ironic that such a global warming will more likely destroy the Earth than all the plastic bottles that could ever be produced!

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