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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Yet More Deja Vu!

Debate That Flopped.

I've shown a red faced Bunter Boulton but it could have been wasp sucking Coburn, Dimblebum or any of the UK's "stars" of British media. One possible, at least sometimes, bordering fair minded Andrew Neil.

This debacle of a bear trap, set up by the ghastly BBC and their leftard mates in "Momentum", I only visited briefly. Yet one fact stood out for me. The whole terrible performance, with only, not a favourite of mine, Amber Rudd, showing any decent demeanour. 

As for the "we are the news" MSM, their moist salivating and so childish efforts to push the "chicken" absence of the Prime Minister" is so predictable. Every single chance today we have a constant tirade of anti Government politics of fear seen during the referendum. What the arrogant and failed pundits forget is this very same attitude and know all drip drip propaganda and their bias goes on.

The broadcasting mantra, so excited by a ridiculous and experimental joke of a poll by YouGov, totally ignoring the Council Elections. Obviously because the leftards didn't like those real, solid actual poll figures. Would you believe just the 4th of May. Not some commercial, Peter Kellner, leftard champagne luvvie. A real vote.

"Theresa May led the Conservatives to massive victory in the local elections after she re-united the right wing of the British electorate and obliterated Ukip and Labour. The Conservatives gained 558 council seats by taking voters back from Ukip, which lost all but one of the 115 seats the party contested." 

So I shall have dinner with friends next Thursday evening when it is still likely that, as with Brexit, an evening will unfold initially fuelled by hard sought Labour wins and that often accurate exit poll post 2200. Assuming that fiddled extension of polling booths isn't repeated, in the hope a landslide can be averted at the last minute.

I could be wrong, of course and the BBC reign supreme as their weirdo friends pull a stunning victory and only lose a handful of seats. We'll see. So far the coverage is as in recent years. Wall to wall anti Tory, pro leftard idiocy. Thankfully shown, to date, to be fruitless piss taking of a large majority of the more intelligent, albeit dying breed, of sensible Brits.

I am mindful of the adage, "careful what you wish for" but I'm happy to risk that and hope, if only to pee back on the Bunter brigade of weirdo, self appointed punditry, we do see Mrs May gain a substantial majority. Another loss of face for the Establishment crowd of moronic "reporters" is a deja vu to relish again!

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  1. Of course May did the correct thing by ignoring the debate, the conservatives are the only party that aren't remainers. The others all pretend to accept we're getting out but under one disguise or the other they're all in the camp of having another referendum because we didn't know what were voting for. The arrogant know alls. If May fails to win the other parties will turn the negotiations into another referendum complete with threats of doom and Armageddon should we leave. May is our one last chance, THERE IS NO DEBATE.