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Friday, 16 June 2017

Tragedy And Political Dogma.

The Inability To Be Responsible.

For decades the nature of human character has been ignored, in the main, by every strata of society. Indeed the mantra, indeed dogma, of the socialist class war and politics of envy have flown totally in the face of not just human characteristics but of nature itself.

The dumbing down of education to hamper those with intelligence but born into poverty or at least a lower socio-economic status has been unchecked since the early 1960s. A phrase I discovered but a few days ago was the weaponising of ignorance. One capturing perfectly what has been accomplished and now has destroyed our society.

That ignorance, that creation of a dependency culture and the importation of even less able or well educated masses has created a perfect storm of overcrowding and declining wealth as a population demands something for nothing and allows it's young generations to have been free to indulge themselves carelessly and selfishly. Brainwashed into a live now pay later syndrome without any consequence.

The political hierarchies, over my lifetime, have squandered any talent, aspiration or ambition in the belief that votes and power for the few, trumps any natural instinct that is deeply part of human and animal behaviour. Survival of the fittest. In the modern world the fittest, as often the case, are the most intelligent and well bred, in the main.

Exceptions prove the rule, of course. My own poverty related childhood, unhappy, violent home life and the frustrated anger of my parents approach to their lot, never pointed to my ever reaching, through huge difficulties and emotional shortcomings, an exciting and relatively successful life and now strong, as far as politics permits, financial retirement.

I have never once expected state support or benefits and have always been angered by the huge numbers of people prepared to live at others expense but nevertheless more than prepared to endorse the politics of envy. Hypocrisy and contradiction tenets of the unreasoning left.

There are, and will be for evermore, those born with disadvantages physically and mentally. There will always be those born into privilege and wealth and in both rich and poor there will be those who do well and those who will not. That these natural disparities have and are exploited, particularly by the spiteful leftards and their covetous inadequacies, is an unpleasant part of Western Society today.

However the drift away from more Christian evolved tenets enshrined by Jack Kennedy's speechwriter of the early 1960s, ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country" is a shift now so complete we are about to fight the Soviet battle to destroy any dissent as to how human beings should live. For any snowflakes reading this checkout the murder of these poor innocents. Is this socialism in all its glorious evil ends? It always is. Cambodia's killing fields but a repeat of Stalin's pogroms.

In the midst of the terrible tragedy of "Grenfell" Corbyn launches an age old battle cry that it's all the fault of the rich. That many of the so called rich, Bliar, Kinnock, Mandleson and circa £135k a year Corbyn of course, don't count. Yvette Cooper and Ed Balls years of £500,000 of tax payers money, likewise. You see the masses are too dumb and ignorant to understand the word and existence of hypocrisy.

"Seize the homes of the rich", screams Corbyn. Does that include his expensive terrace? Some BBC woman cries similar rhetoric as you can see in this ghastly piece by the rich BBC producers. Well, if these homes seized by the rich were then given to the less well off or masses of immigrants, unmarried, feckless child mothers et al, within months they would be slums. Overused, full of fire risk rubbish and cheap, tatty goods ready to add to any inferno waiting to happen.

You see, standards of behaviour, the teaching of logic and common sense and the ability to see that in a world overcrowded with human beings, fate as much as birthright determines society and individual lives. If your life is sh*t blaming everybody but yourself is a joke. One exploited by the left to make sure their ilk get a head start on their fellow creatures.

Tell me please, how come, after decades in power, not least the 13 years from 1997 to 2015, the Labour Party has never improved any, not one, of their heartlands constituencies? Non more deprived than in London. The woman in the clip whinges about being priced out of the gentrification of swathes of London. That whilst failing to notice the constant stream of Labour politicians, Corbyn right up there, filmed coming and going from their tax funded salaries, the smart, well appointed terrace pads.

As for Grenfell. The natural and often decent reaction to the tragedy has been seen, much as the Blitz, to have brought the best out of our creature's nature. Yet even back then there were those who exploited the war, looted and profiteered, just as happens now. When screaming about the "rich" we should remember that many of these "rich" people are also gangsters. 

However to demonise all who are better off, better educated and more intelligent than others is a dismal manifestation of ignorance and pure stupidity. Those throughout society who have worked hard, done their best and wish that others tried to emulate and strive, deserve better than the spite and envy of socialism and its politics of divide and rule.

The Left who promote anger and exploit envy, whilst quietly lining their own pockets, Union Leaders among them, should be ashamed and vilified for promoting class war over this tragedy. They have, probably, greater guilt for the overcrowding, dangerous conditions that have been possibly contributory to this awful event. 

Sadly, I'm sorry to say and witness, Corbyn and his atrocious communist dogma is being triumphant with his cult engineered present position. He shames himself, our Nation and more significantly, he shames those struggling to supply decency and learning to the nightmare these victims will now endure. 

Is this a philosophy or behaviour to unite people in grief? Or an opportunist fantasist, happy to call on the victimisation of others because of the accident of their birth and intelligence? Socialism demeans all, not just the targets of their ill educated and vindictive envy. 

All who are poor are no more better or worse than those better off. It's just a fact of life, snowflakes. Learn to cope with it. There is as much decency in the upper echelons as any in the lower. Unifying them is a worthwhile pursuit. far better than all poor are wonderful, or well off hateful. It's that mantra that has failed each and everyone of us. 


  1. There will be all kinds of inquiries, blame, lessons learned but ask yourself who, given the choice, would choose to live in such high density housing. The vast majority of people live in that sort of accommodation not out of choice but out of necessity. Well why can't they have a nice terraced house or a semi or even a detached hose set in a garden.
    1/ Because there is not enough room in the country to allow that.
    2/ Because there are not enough well paying jobs to enable people to afford such even if it were available.
    Cause ? The country is overcrowded, it has been for the last fifty years and non of the numbskulls in govmt., over that time have acknowledged that fact or tried to do anything to reverse it. To the contrary they appear to do all in their power to cram more in.
    When the earnings of one wage earner is insufficient to keep a family the crooked politicians bribe votes by offering free child care so both parents can grub for a pittance, child allowances that allow people to have children they can't afford to care for. Immigrants with multiple wives the govmt., loves it can't get enough.

  2. Apologies for spelling, typing in anger.

  3. I have come to realise that the collectivist socialists have defined the battleground, it is the axis between the internationalist brand and the national brand. By being on the winning side in WW2 the 'left' have been able to demonise their 'right' brothers in socialism and draw a veil over their own mass killings.
    Thus idiots like Mrs may try to be international socialists, they don't want to be seen as 'right' or, heaven help us, 'far right' like UKIP.
    Normal sensible people aren't on this axis. They want rsponsibility for themselves, to achieve and to think and speak freely. They gain and society as a whole gains. The alternative is collectivism where the leaders of the left get to tell us which part of the tractor to make and how many to make, along with what to think and do.
    Responsibility, Rationality and Reason, this should be the battleground. These are all traits that have youth appeal, we just need enthusiastic leaders.
    P.S. I commend Jordan Peterson to you, a sane man in an insane world.

  4. Disabled toilet.