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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

"Three Girls".

The Programme's Reflection On Our Society Today.

Last evening I watched our recorded three episodes of the BBC's Three Girls docudrama. For personal reasons surrounding the loss of my younger daughter to such a man, though of Anglo Saxon hue, it was always going to be a tough call. As it was the awful detail and Establishment's careless dismissal of the horror shown left me broken hearted. Particularly at what Labour's in particular, governance and their glee in "rubbing the middle classes noses in multiculturalism" has brought us to as a Nation.

Notwithstanding serious blame lies with social engineering and mass immigration gerrymandering for votes by Labour, all of our Establishment but in particular MPs of all parties, should hang their heads in shame. Every aspect of these past few weeks of terrorist slaughter, infantile electioneering and hubris writ large, not least by that gross friend of terrorist "freedom" fighters, the cancer of evil spreading into every corner of our lives goes unmentioned.

The Rochdale scandal is but a tip of the iceberg of cruel, racist arrogance, by Asian men in the main and Islamic "positive" discrimination and subservience to political correctness now so endemic in our public services and the corridors of power as to be unstoppable in its influence on our growing descent into total evil. 

The collapse of any decency or nod towards the successful past of Christian teaching, even if not practised religious adherence, is but a whisker away from social disintegration and total violence. After two years of electioneering, referendum issues and media saturation, fake news and biased brainwashing, at no time has the desperate state of our society, the slums and ghettos of our towns and cities been discussed or mentioned by a soul.

Maybe in their world there is a perfect isolation of privilege and protection of mutual benefit for all allowed at the top tables. This includes every MP of every party. Not for them the reality of decades of incompetence and political dogma before government that has lead us into a terrifying and ugly parlous state.

We more ordinary folk are forced to watch in horror as our younger generations fail to realise the awfulness of those poor, exploited, abused girls. Where are the demonstrations against the establishment per se. The brainwashing and historic history of socialist, social engineering that shrugs and orders another gin and tonic at the subsidised bars and lounges of Westminster. Hall certainly no longer hallowed.

Whilst Corbyn shamelessly preens and poses, grins and waves on a tide of triumphalist, though questionable success, The Conservatives lick their wounds and huddle among themselves, this disgraceful fact goes unnoticed or suppressed in the fervour for the political stupidity we now are in. The selfish, introspective yet utterly contemptuous Establishment sail on blind to the horrific consequences of our social breakdown.

A brilliant use of the dramatic vehicle used to tell the "Three Girls" story had me screaming at how seemingly the girls somewhat brought about their own dreadful experiences. Then the Maxine Peake character, Sara Rowbotham and Lesley Sharp's Margaret Oliver, beautifully bring us to the fact that they were children. 

The whole nasty circumstances of course, never really punished those whose indifference, incompetence and hateful dismissiveness left the victims powerless and traumatised as much as they were by the abuse and deserted. Most of the racist and evil abusers now walking free and untouched.

Well, slowly and seemingly inevitably this cancer of social engineering is spreading across western society. European Establishments in thrall to mass immigration and the destruction of Nationhood and once proud, decent societies. All across Europe the horrors get daily worse. Most is unreported and God forbid it should ever be a marker for political choice.

Is this splashed across broadcast news? No it's not. Anything remotely hinting at the political abdication of any responsibility for gross and negligent failure goes quietly underground. As the now brainwashed tools of weaponised ignorance, engineered over decades to only follow leftard dogma and indoctrination, childishly slam any modicum of common sense, the nightmares get ever more real. Not least as demonstrated by the constant, ever present but ignored, even connived blind eyes of all politicians, goes unquestioned. Especially if of the left.

How Rochdale could vote for a Labour Council and MPs when faced with the evidence now on record of biased indifference in favour of perpetrators of crimes against , how sick, depraved and gross is this? How Maxine Peake can play the leftard heroin and Corbyn admirer after playing this role identifying that Party as heavily involved in cover up, political correctness and evil intent is beyond me.

Why oh why is our once proud and compassionate race now so divided? Why is large and small c Conservative love of preserving the good and the wholesome now ridiculed and virtually criminalised. Good, solid values of recent history, the fight against Nazi dictatorship and the bringing down of Soviet subservience for millions. My generation's and parents' success now hated and vilified by an ill educated, rampant and unreasoning mob, masquerading as offspring.

What is terrible to witness is the destruction of the very fabric and ideology that has left the young of today, for the time being, free to rant and shout across the age divide their taught mantra and dogma. It is they who will one day, or their children, need to fight the shackles destined for them under a totalitarian State. If only they could find the time and inclination to study history. It always repeats itself somewhere.

Meanwhile stop for a moment to reflect on the victims of all abuse. Right now leading to, one day, virtually everybody. It will, as things are right now, be mainly self inflicted.

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