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Saturday, 10 June 2017

The Irony!

Careful What You Wish For, Kiddies.

So the youngsters heard of the riches and money easily harvested from their elders via leftard raids on property and lifetime savings and voted in huge swathes to encourage the attack on ever weaker and elderly, neglected parents and grandparents. Good luck with that inhumane nastiness you foolish, selfish and grasping little children. 

Always on the cards since Labour demanded and got comprehensive dumbing down education and one size fits all. Much as the social engineering to discourage marriage and Christian values whilst lauding ethnic barbarism via mass immigration.

One irony, right now, is the DUP, far right power status granted. Even further right than Oldrightie. A dangerous cocktail is now in the shaker. Corbyn is in thrall to the freedom fighters of the IRA and Sinn Fein. Plus any terrorist movement using o called socialism to justify murder and terrible genocide across the globe. 

Once the carefully manufactured, cuddly Godfather Corbyn is found out, as he seeks to create a Marxist State by whatever means, the irony of it all will become ever more apparent. Unfortunately the fall out will be awful. Violence and old enmities from Ireland transported into atrocities across the UK. Like I always say but never expect children to understand, "careful what you wish for". 

I say it from decades of experience and observation of how dreadful the Establishment and political parties have failed to understand the consequences of mass immigration. Not immigration per se. Have a good weekend as best you can.


  1. "....... Labour demanded and got comprehensive dumbing down education ......." Just spotted a phrase that sums it up nicely...... Weaponized ignorance.

    And on a different note I see the granny grabber is trying to muster the globalist paid liars (oops climate scientists)............

  2. Weaponised (english spelling!) ignorance. Perfect label for leftards since 1962.

  3. Copy/paste from across the water, it is a global agenda.

  4. Wasn't meant as criticism, RAC. I'm not Saint Theresa!