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Friday, 9 June 2017

The Day After.

Oh Dear!

That a massive turnout by younger voters, on the promises of untold riches and free gratis, lifetime benefits, well at my expense and yours, dear reader, Corbyn bought that ill informed, immature vote. Not enough to enter Government for which we must be grateful.

There are many "wash-ups" already and I am downcast as to how the election has gone. That the architect of this dreadful decision and campaign appears to want to hang on is wrong. This is not hindsight insomuch she was criticised constantly during the campaign for lack lustre, presidential and ill advised policies and presentation.

With hindsight I believe she was right not to have done the leaders debate. That might well have caused even greater damage. That she chose to have the election, I feel that was right. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory was not. She really should go.

However that the Conservatives still won the most seats and can govern with the IRA's mortal enemy, the Orange men, who won't touch Corbyn with a barge pole, is a result. Likewise Kranky's comeuppance is a joy. So not all was lost, by any means. 

If we consider the gerrymandering of mass immigration by Labour, the promise of free everything for the poor quality, ill educated "yoof" and Labour's decades of infiltration of lefties into the education system and elsewhere in the public services. The dreadful constituency boundary unfairness, which means more seats go to Labour with smaller numbers of voters in the urban conurbations, all of these factors suggest it could have been much worse.

This is not meant to be a politicians typical spin. These are all facts. All of these youngsters will one day win an election but that Pyrrhic victory will rebound on their children and those of us who counsel wiser and more experienced considerations will be long gone. 

Many of yesterday's voters were 11 years old in 2010. They will have had and still do, no idea of how badly Labour left us all, after thirteen terrible years in power. Or realise the tuition fee structure was brought in by Labour. Or that it had to be done because there was no money left. Much of it squandered on fruitless and illegal warmongering, still haunting us all today.

I will not do sour grapes. Corbyn's crew, backed by whoever, ran a powerful, well targeted election fully supported 24/7 by the BBC and very canny in their promises. Credit for a neatly orchestrated, even if dishonest, programme.

 In contrast "Nanny" May foolishly tried to tell us we still had much to do to get out of debt and earn more money to prosper. Totally the wrong time to play the honesty card. Too many voters around the 18-28 year old mark and unable to handle the harsh reality of life in the modern, competitive world of today. Money really, honestly does not grow on trees.

They are fortunate to still have an elderly population that saved and worked to now fund the taxation that keeps us afloat. All those under circa 55 years of age will run out of this bedrock of funding. Most of their lives funded via debt and profligacy, which will not see them live a prosperous, saved for old age. Yesterday sowed even more rotten seeds, which will fail to grow and feed the generations to come. 

Sadly Mrs May gave them a big helping hand. One last thought, the turnout was good to see, even if not, as I would have hoped for and for that democracy is better served. I would, however have wished for a more educated and studied consideration other than the bribery promised by Corbyn.

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  1. Well said. The youngsters who so eagerly swallowed Corbyn's promises of "free money", have no idea what Bliar and Brown's misrule did to this country - and what's more, they are not even interested.