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Monday, 12 June 2017

Some Fish Finger Reality.

Labour And Corbyn Lost The Election.

When we consider the double counting votes of the "yoof" were believed, by themselves, to be legitimate, urged on by bribes and promises of free contraceptives and X boxes for all 20 year olds, we should reflect on the decades gone by since Labour forced in comprehensive, dumb down not up, education. Today a survey reveals why grammar schools are needed urgently. Selection a priority if we are not to continue this woeful ignorance. Weaponised to promote Common Purpose.

So a survey quietly revealed today and no doubt to be buried away from what's left of any intelligent influence to reverse this ghastly dereliction of duty to generations of kids' education in the most basic facts of life.  First the link, Note the age groupings in the survey. 10% of 14 to 16 year olds, two to four years away from the vote, think tomatoes grow underground.

Before anyone leaps in to blame parents, either this deep, intellectual understanding of real things around them is shared by these parents or their educational guidance was as that for their schooling incompetence and the parents own weaponised ignorance. 

I suggest that the education system is so obsessed with indoctrination and socialist dogma, staffed by like minded imbeciles, in thrall to the awfulness of social engineering and Labour's relentless mass immigration policy, that the present system is not broken but utterly derelict. That and devoid of people with any genuine intellectual depth. 

Little wonder that the Labour hierarchy, like Flabbot,  send their kids to private or very select area schools. Then, of course, with this level of promoted stupid ignorance and "equality", the ability to reason and question the nation's economic woes, caused by their precious, untouchable Labour heroes and now celebrities is an ability totally lacking from their selfish thinking. Corbyn's populist campaign now acceptable compared to the vilification of populist successes such as Brexit and Trump.

We should be grateful that they are so dumb as to believe Corbyn's triumphant claim to victory and unable to realise that only by his ex lover's arithmetical brilliance and the media, is that idiocy deemed acceptable. That these armies of military grade, trailer trash made whole, bolstered by the influx of additional mass, third world, inbred migrants, will possibly go on to complete the overthrow of decency and make a world run by the few on the backs of the many sought by Common Purpose. A global Pol Pot killing fields of middle class common sense and probably the owners of that dwindling skill.

To close this post I will try and link my thoughts above to international politics and the ever more daily signs that Trump is a, deep intake of breath, a beacon of hope. However you need to put some intellectual and research effort into this possibility and check out the deathly hush from the media after Comey's humiliating appearance before the Congressional committee. 

One in which the ridiculous Russian interference fake news agenda was to be trumpeted by thousands if not millions of bullhorns! For once the leaders of Common Purpose, the Democrat Party in America, have been found out big style. Comey did as he was told by these cretinous dictators and Soros funded apes. Hilary Clinton caught out as a liar, cheat and criminally culpable fool.

Sadly Trump may not visit the UK. Hate preachers and Islamist apologists for terror, beloved of Comical Commie Corbyn, such as Hamas and the IRA, are not only welcome but paid to become political figures to be lauded and glorified. The misery and horror of their victims' families traduced by a media now shameless in its nastiness. Arlene Foster but one well known victim standing for the many thousands slaughtered in the name of progressive politics.

The media, mainly the broadcasting one, I admit, happy to draw a veil over Comical Commie Corbyn's associations, now apoplectic about a right wing Christian based alliance to govern the UK for the coming months if not years. Since their relatively, engineered better than expected performance, in losing the election and this very funny celebrity status embracing by Corbyn, as the new, reincarnated John Lennon, the reality of the governing force they have created will escape them.

My hope is that the new Government will go on to confound the Common Purpose agenda next time round, as in 2016. If that seems ridiculous, it would only mirror the growing popularity of Trump as he readies ever larger drainage lines around the Washington and Wall Street swamps. 

Mind you we have many of our own alligator swamps in the UK. Many of them in education. All devouring any pupils intelligence or aptitude to defecate it into the sewers made ready by Common Purpose. Unfortunately not to be recycled into fertiliser but used to warn those unable to realise where the clever, earning and gifted minds went. 

You know, the ones who would realise that being told to harvest the cheese plants for holiday jobs doesn't pay much! Unlike those young voters thinking fruit pastilles are part of their five a day and ergo obviously realise money really does grow on trees. 

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  1. Yes and as you say:

    Weaponised to promote Common Purpose.

    The unsung and secretive factor driving much of the mayhem.