The despair Of The British nation.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Now About Democracy.

What Was The Question?

Now take a deep breath. The result was, leave, 17,410,742, remain, 16,141,241. 3.8% majority to leave. In a true democracy one vote more to leave than remain wins. However, for the thick turds like Flabbot for whom democracy and numeracy are both a mystery, 1,269,501 more voted to leave this Common Purpose, Third Reich dictatorship.

This majority won a referendum steeped in a constant barrage of threats, doom laden mongering and an Establishment riddled with self interest, fraudulent payoffs and bribery.
The BBC paid millions to promote the EUSSR agenda, purely coincidental timing. As for Murdoch, is this a reason for impartiality? 

I could go on about the huge salaries' siren songs from Brussels to our civil servants. I suspect this was part of the drag anchor by the Establishment. Then we have a house of Lording it Over us stuffed to the gunnels by oh so reluctant millionaire leftards. Mandlescum, Kinnock, Heseltine and so on. No doubt weeping willow Clegg soon to add to our National, limitless purse of undeserving recipients. Legions of placements for this very eventuality and the need to kill off democratic will of the people.

The sooner that lot over overfed, over privileged, puff balls of self entitlement is culled the better. Dear God the hereditary days of well bred, in the main, selfless patriots were significantly better qualified to look over the shoulders of the "other lot" than this now bought and paid for, undeserving hypocrites. I would ask them to read up on democracy then look long and hard at that ballot paper.

I really fear for this EUSSR knack of almost subtle nastiness. You only need, however to look at the cretins such as Tusk and Juncker to realise how very necessary it is we really do leave. Those who say no deal is better than a bad deal are spot on. Churchill felt the same about that note of Chamberlain's. One eerily similar to Camoron's "deal" with the EUSSR, wasn't it.

Now come to just over a year or so back. Eerily similar.

Listen to those "agreements" all of them later said by EUSSR apparatchiks would actually not be, as Ed Milibad would say, carved in stone. Had we voted remain the rebate, euro et al would have been a goer, big time. We can but hope leave really, really will mean leave. I am having my doubts. Especially while that smug bar steward and mega rich Hammond is on the scene. If we keep and perhaps we should, Tessa, at least dump this wannabe next Juncker successor, please.

Have a great weekend.


James Higham said...

I've run out of words for the despicable tactics. Respect democracy? Ha! Do these people think we'll ever forgive them?

RAC said...

Polish M.P.talks sense to a BBC (common purpose) eu loving idiot. Why oh why can't we have more M.P's like this, doing what their voters asked for, wow that's unheardv of !

Patroller said...

Disabled toilet.

Bane said...

Oldrightie, you cunt, your blog is a disgrace to those of a liberal mindset.

Your views shall not be tolerated. It has begun.

Disabled toilet.

RAC said...

Oops OR looks like you've trodden in a troll, waiting to see if he/she/it can make a worthwhile comment.

rapscallion said...

Let's analyse Bane's rant.

First off he immediately reverts to type because he's lost the argument already - hence the perjorative

"disgrace to those of a liberal mindset" = Those of a liberal mindset don't do democracy"

"Your views shall not be tolerated" You will be hounded and smeared ad infinitum until we can either put you in a camp or kill you.

RAC said...

If he/she/it's liberal sensibilities are so easily offended why does he/she/it seek out a right wing site ?
Is he/she/it the type of retard who goes to a bus station and expects a train to arrive ?

RAC said...


Oldrightie said...

Hi, guys and trolls! Love it. The total inadequacy and infantile use of foul language and North Korean, Pol Pot like nastiness just utterly reflects Commie Corbyn and "Old McDonnell Has a farm, IR, IRA" mentality. When these illiterate scum take to the blogosphere it just makes me realise why I adored Churchill and Lady Thatcher. Now the brave and courageous Tess May.

Bring it on my little children of the dark, your nastiness is so self destructive and yet you never, ever realise it. Just remember this. Though drugged to the eyeballs, impotent and weak as it can possibly be,Hitler did not have the cajones to face justice. The leftards never have and never will.

After a lovely day in my own, hard won paradise on earth, these cretinous, never will amount to shit, haven't a clue about real happiness. Fools to a turd.

More hopefully tomorrow. In my next post. Thank you to the real, decent visitors here.

Bane said...

Oldrightie, RAC and raps talking a pile of absolute nonsense between themselves.

It's been fun engaging with you cretins for a few posts, but you're just too dull to warrant any further interest.

Keep cheering for Brexit, May, Maggie, Churchill and whatever other characters you wish to glorify. No one gives a fuck.

By the way, Corbyn and McDonnell are left wing fools, I've no time for them or for your lot. You can all just fuck off.

Disabled toilet.

call me ishmael said...

Well, mr bane, if Doctor Sir Vince Cable gets near govament again, as well he might, given both the fragility of the Irish Channel alliance and his own immeasureable, piss-soaked vanity, then he will sell-off disabled toilets as spacious studio flats and give the proceeds to some cunt of a banker/wealth creator, leaving you homeless.

Oldrightie said...

Ishmael, glad you're back on form in your latest blog. Hope all is well and I thank you most humbly for your, as only to be expected, superb comment. As for Bane, "tail between legs" methinks! Such sport, mind you.

Oldrightie said...

Addendum; "No one gives a fuck", I assume you mean in your charming and erudite way, no one else other than myself and millions like me. Over circa 17,410,271 who voted to leave your beloved German 4th Reich.

Oldrightie said...

I must remember to use a more accurate phrase for Disabled Toilet creeps. Liberal, bleeding heart, leftard snowflakes.

Anonymous said...

Pack of baying dogs

Anonymous said...

Oldrightie, you cunt, you lose the argument straight away when you incorrectly compare the EU to the German Reich. Fuck off.

Oldrightie said...

Hi, Anon. Love your spite and venom. It'll be the death of you. As for the expletive, to be likened to the fairest attribute of the lovely female form, thank you. I am truly flattered.

Anonymous said...

You are simply a thicko. Disabled toilet.