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Friday, 30 June 2017

Normal Service After Sunday.

Glad Politics Slowly Settling.

I'm pleased for now the Government have their Queen's speech through, such as it is. Though a small majority, with DUP support, it's been an OK week for we righties. Not least with Commie Corbyn imitating Neil Kinnock's hubris of yesteryear and looking the prat he is "down among" the yoof at that slum fest that was Glastonbury.

As for Grenfell, an overcrowded, possibly full of illegals slum with pretty but lethal panels stuck on the outside, it is little more than a monument to monumental political immaturity, over decades. 

From mass immigration, EUSSR slavish obedience and profligate Labour governments handicapping progress that might otherwise made us a Norwegian model. Labour's guilt in building huge numbers of high rise pig pens cannot be brushed aside by the Commies of Corbyn's coterie. let those most disadvantaged dwell on who keeps them there.

Anyhow, as under gardener I must stand down from my blog for a couple of days or so due to Mrs OR opening her work to public view, for charity, on Sunday. Weather is set fair for most of us so I hope you all have a better weekend than was allowed by the Commies last week!

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  1. Mr Rightie, I wish you and the boss a glorious open day. Sadly my portly self cannot make it this year but is determined to do so in 2018. Please find time to show pictures of this year's floribundance.