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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Less Than Two Days To Save UK.

The Title Is Not Over Dramatic.

Funniest thing since Brand endorsed Corbyn!

This is but one but very important factor behind the headline title. This woman mirrors her leader's character and stupidity. Now running very scared she's pulled out of her morning appointment to tell women, well at least black women, how incredibly wonderful she is and how she has milked her anti white racist rhetoric all the way to the top of a magic tree.

A huge majority of their Labour Parliamentary Party feel the same, as is well published. A local councillor for Labour has this morning said he's voting Tory. They really are a mess. We can but hope they all, New Labour included, will be dumped for decades this week. If not, be prepared for an even greater upsurge in Islamic effort to bomb us into submission to their warped obsession with ridiculous beliefs in a fantasy immortal existence.

I rest my case for today except for choosing, as we all do, my favoured poll du jour!

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