Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Just Three And A Half Hours Left.

To Save Our Nation.

Without a large majority for a strong leadership all this will have been for nothing


  1. I'm not saying anything, frightened of putting a jinx on it.

  2. Bliars enrichment policy plus the stupid indoctrinated yoof has done for us. With some careful management I've enough put by to see me through the next dozen or so years so fuck em all, I hope they enjoy their life in the caliphate of west eurabia they fucking well deserve it.

  3. RAC, I totally agree with you. It has been on the cards that so much, over decades, Labour engineered is now paying off. Rubbish education system, mass immigration to swell an illiterate voter base and 18 year old getting the vote all paid off and will continue driving us into a third world hell hole. As you say, a deserving fate for those "wise monkeys".