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Monday, 19 June 2017

How Many Years?

To Reach This Point?

Decades have passed by since somebody in power decided mass immigration was a decidedly wonderful goal for the Utopia of a rainbow coloured world. That some hard won, decent cultural, tolerant society could be easily seduced into giving up the evolved and never perfect but at least relatively comfortable way of life was seen by political forces to be easy peasy.

That this enforced and unwelcome policy to change forever the nature of our Country was never, ever put to the electorate, goes unreported or debated. The media complicit in the creation of the hell on earth now probably irreversible. . Instead the politics of envy, class war and coercion was employed to bring about the parlous nightmare of today's Britain.

This latest and inevitably London centred atrocity purely reflects the natural outcome of the decades of ever larger volumes of unmanageable numbers of population increases still continuing relentlessly every day. The NHS, education and police forces are overwhelmed by numbers no official has any idea about. 

Austerity is lampooned and used by the leftards and Corbyn as somehow something designed to punish the less able, feckless, ill educated and DNA challenged millions. So many mouths to feed and rooves to shelter under. Whole swathes of  different cultures parked in our towns and cities to be happily exploited for their manipulated voting preferences.

That these unknown numbers are clammering for resources that are impossible to find or plan for, as each passing day brings in ever more demanding mouths to feed and shelter, just is not in any debate. Like all addicts their problem can never be addressed when it is not acknowledged and even compounded by that ignorance.

As this overcrowding gets ever more uncontrollable so the media become ever more part of the problem. As terrible as Grenfell was, the Finsbury attack likewise, what we are witnessing is and always was predictable. Especially by Enoch Powell. 

Now for me to post these considerations is likely soon to become unlawful, since in a leftard world all criticisms and observations of reality are deemed "hateful". Well the screaming for blood by those Muslims who captured the maniac in Finsbury was just not how my generation were brought up to behave. Note, too, how slow the authorities are to label Islamic acts as terrorism but not Jo Cox's murder or Finsbury's attacker. Two totally sane and typical white guys, so it would seem.

The bloodlust ignorance shown in Finsbury towards the man held and beaten, is not of my culture. I found it as gross as the crime itself. Yet to dare to criticise such rabid behaviour is deemed somehow racist, or that stupid adjective, Islamophobic. Easier to convict soldiers in the midst of war than condemn the baying of that mob in Finsbury.

Likewise the, to date, lack of discussion as to the behaviour, if true, of the resident in whose flat the Grenfell fire began. Also reported as a "small" fire by his near neighbours as he ushered them away. His own bags also reported as packed and ready to go. 

Now that description of events begs a lot of questions. As does the overcrowding of such high rise buildings. Another consequence of this mass immigration dogma. All the nasty politicising of these events for party political advantage and the pursuit of ridiculous and childish philosophy that we're all the same, is pathetic. Nature itself teaches us the stupidity of this idealistic, infantile ignorance.

So the next time something awful happens, as it always does, don't keep screaming blame at all and sundry. If only we had kept ourselves to ourselves, sought a just society for all those deserving of it and demanded a minimum standard and code of behaviour and decency, despised by the left and their once black and white views of life, now more blood red than black, we would have never come to this sorry state. 

Something which began in the 1960s when comprehensive dumbing down education was forced into our lives and strict deterrence of bad behaviour was dismissed as unacceptable. Now we are expected to believe the political stupidity from all sides can fix the damage. They can't. No magic money tree will do it, even if one existed. 

Why? Because resources are finite and the explosion of demand by the rise of human population too exponential to cope with the finality of all we demand. My generation was successful, sure. Though luck was no more part of that than it is of anything. The tenets we were taught of self reliance and hard work were our foundations. 

Government was meant to manage not dictate behaviour and our lives. Now when life gets tough the cry is me, me, me. We are seeing the consequences now, big time. The only answer appears to be more of the same genuflection to the politics of envy. Destroy the ambitious and the aspirational. Allow only leftard voices to be heard. Anybody else, vilify or murder seems to be the answer.

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  1. Yes and it gives a double meaning to your alias for you are totally correct. Sad it is when the only ray of hope comes from across the Atlantic, and look at the troubles that beset Trump. Although I had my doubts about him I hope he succeeds, if he can pull America back to semblance of sanity there is hope that it may spread.