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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Corbyn Is A Nasty Individual.

A Lover Of Opposition Via Terror.

There is a reason, unmentioned by the media, indeed ignored, as to why a huge number of Labour MPs refuse to serve under the cretin. Based on and thanks to their intimate knowledge of his predilections for violent extremists always ready to revert to murder, torture and grim unpleasantness for Marxist political gain.

Like his heroes from the past, nothing bothers him if the means justify the ends. Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and so on. Then there is his preposterous approach to deterrence. You wait for the incoming warheads before calling a meeting, deep in some government safe haven, as to what to do. In reality, any enemy would relish the option of a first strike if they considered, as ISIS most certainly would, they would cause maximum death to their hated kafir. 

Am I alone in thinking such is Corbyn's own and those around him, hatred for anyone not deemed of their ilk or who despise his immature dogma is more likely to suffer violence at their hands than anyone else's? Still next week could find me "rounded up" like many others who dare point out his real nature.

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