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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Another Bloody Sunday.

Some Blood Still To Be Spilt.

When the chips were down she just could't hack it. As ever the leftard screen and much of the print media are ecstatic with excitement. The leftards and Corbynistas relishing her downfall. However the hubris is as great in their moment of ill informed triumph at not being beaten more soundly as anything she has been guilty of.

A significant story doing the rounds is the courting by Labour of the DUP. in 2010 and also in 2015 it is said with some evidence. So the badge of hypocrisy worn alongside Labour's Red Flag anthem is still there in spades. Right now we are repeating the gnashing of teeth and crying of the remainers post the referendum. Suddenly a narrow percentage loss is fantastic, unlike that of 2016.

Alongside all the immediate turmoil we should remember that an in depth look at Common Purpose would not go amiss. Particularly by the children who only see their lives in immediacy and selfishness. As they grow less young and face bringing up children with their own University degrees in "Meism", causing financial destitution of their own making, the possibility that this was ordained by the powerful should resonate.

A comment here, just now, produced a terrific phrase, "weaponised ignorance". Weaponised over decades since the 1960s. I only can pray that the manner of its use last Thursday gets realised one day or our destiny to become a third world nation will be realised. It really is a 1939 like scenario. We need a Churchillian figure to dig us out. As The Sunday Times' Harris pointed out, there appears no one to be that.

One factor in elections just now is that the outcomes are unpredictable. Add factors such as fraud, students voting twice and an Establishment powerfully bent on stopping us leaving the corrupt Fourth Reich, masquerading as The EUSSR, the immediate and far off future looks fragile and dangerous. Theresa May clinging on and gurning away before the cameras will most certainly not stave off calamity and fearful possibilities.

She should go. The Tory hierarchy should then reestablish a deeper relationship with its members and the core English love of conserving the best qualities of our National character. The issues still frighteningly with us, mass immigration, violent elements of self inflicted multi cultural jihadism and economic debt and deficit still haunt us all . Corbyn and his ilk is not the answer big time.

If it needs a pause in austere, even if, as is the case, justified, budget controls and responsible economics, then that as policy needs attention. Labour under Bliar copied the successful aspects of Tory philosophy to win power. Right now whoever made Corbyn look what he's definitely not needs emulating to makeover the Tories. 

May's "Nasty Party" pronouncements years back taught her nothing. Perception not honesty is the modern need to win and hold power. As sad as it is, if it keeps our decline and fall to communism and a brutal resurrection of Stalinism, it will be worth it. Even lies, you might ask? It worked for Bliar and now Corbyn. 

Sadly perception by the young seems to be selective when it comes to truths. Aspiration is not a word known to the weaponised ignorance of the young, is it? Nor fairness and admiration for those more successful than themselves. Often their parents. They embraced the politics of envy and the madness of socialism with glee. 

Not one stops to ask how come their older generations did so much better than they probably will never do. At least if not part of the ruling class of Commissars they really think will care. History of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union part of their ignorance. I'm off to visit gardens before Corbyn taxes them out of existence next year!

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