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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

An Alternative Queen's Speech.

One For The Majority Of Real UK Citizens.

As we gather today in the noblest of democratic tradition I make the following observations and under Royal Prerogative I shall depart from the document given to me by a Government I am unable to give assent to.

Firstly, I am a staunch believer in the Sovereign State of the United Kingdom. It has been, until ruined by corrupt, power seeking and ignorant of truth politicians of all Parties, a State almost always on the side of good and righteousness. Guided by Christian values of respect and consideration for others it has been instrumental in the abolishment of slavery and strong and forthright in the fight against The National Socialist Fascism of Nazi rule and European conquest.

Sadly, over my reign and the advice tendered to successive Prime Ministers, bar two, incumbents have presided over policies almost deliberately, it would seem, to destroy this once proud and happy Nation. Today I demand it must stop.

Thus My Prime Minister, Mrs May should step down. Her valiant efforts have failed against monumental odds. Not least the damaging outside meddling in our elections from both President Obama and The European Union, an unelected body under the malign direction of certain political leaders within the older member States of that failed experiment.

I will not give any attempt to form a Government credibility unless the plaintiff representatives are prepared to stop the damaging positive attitude to all things Islamic and or totalitarian. Christian tolerance but firm rejection of alternative demands for the usurping of our centuries of evolved decency will be paramount. Debt must be tackled and all effort to return this Nation to fiscal discipline pursued. No expenditure on foreign aid is to be countenanced if drawn from dubious borrowing and further debt increases.

Above all else the will of the majority must be respected in all things and no alternative and particularly, violent efforts will be tolerated. If no politician is prepared to form a Government unified on these edicts, I will call upon my armed forces to invoke martial law and draconian crackdowns, until reason and traditional decency, by all who would claim citizenship of this now demoralised, segregated and unwelcome society, is reformed for all. All prepared to stand up to bullying of any kind.

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